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Bekoe Picks His Five Favorite Local Tracks From Our April Playlist …

Written by on April 7, 2020

Bekoe Top 5 picks of the week starring Guru Goldie

There was so much great music submitted to us this month, it was almost overwhelming.

Luckily our very own Bekoe, host of Middays on Vocalo, ranked five of his favorite local tracks of the month. Stream the podcast via Spotify and check out his picks below …

5. Javon – “Us”

Hip-Hop artist Javon humbly boasts on his confident side over some in-sync production fulfilled with guitar riffs that suits him well. He lands at #5.

4. PHZE – “Confidently Broken”

If you have yet to catch on, melodies has become a big part in what makes a single pop, and Chicago artist Phze has a melodic tune known as Confidently Broken, and I’m confident you’ll want more, which is why he lands at #4.

3. Audrey V – My Way

As a guy, of course we love having things our Way, but for this next single Chicago’s R&B songstress Audrey V formely known as Audrey Valentine, has it her way … whether you like it or not. It’s her first single of 2020 and it lands at #3.

2. DruBeatz – Eternal

If you thought R&B in Chicago was at a halt, shame on you, This next artist goes by DruBeatz and he’s a multi-talent that not only provides serene vocals but he’s also a producer, and his latest single Eternal lands at #2.

1. Guru Goldie & Strong – Vibes

Vibes mean everything especially during times like this on top of that, we all need fun and energy. Guru Goldie and Strong collaborated for what I like to call a triple threat: Fun Times, Good Energy, And Positive Vibes. They land at #1!

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Written by Bekoe

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