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Bekoe’s Top 5 Honorable Mentions For July

Written by on July 15, 2020

Bekoe Top 5 Digital Honorable Mentions

Our Midday Host Bekoe picks five of his favorite tracks from our Digital Features playlist for July, and, as per usual, he doesn’t miss…

Fior – “Make Me”

Chicago native Fior debuts his first single titled “Make Me,” and he showcases his pop skills along with a wide range of vocals.

Cordoba –  “Factory”
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There’s nothing like the sound of Jazz! On this track, the Chicago six-piece jazz collective known as Cordoba unloads a symphonic new tune entitled “Factory,” filled with soul and vibrant instrumentality.

Elijah Jamal – “Situation-Ship”
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Elijah Jamal has an entanglement of his own and lays out all the necessary rules at the red table for his single “Situation-Ship,” infused with melodic riffs and a catchy hook.

Da$htone – “Someday”
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If you’re in need of some inspiration, Chicago Hiphop band Da$htone has exactly what you need. From motivational lyricism, to joyful sounds and soothing vocals, Da$htone will help turn your rough day into a beautiful scenario.

Ridgio – “Have You Ever”
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Have you ever took out time to deeply look into how someone’s thought patterns and actions work? Well if not, Ridgio’s latest release will help you start that process. From its intriguing production selection to Ridgio’s mellow vocal tone, this record will surely take you on a trip down memory lane.

Listen to all of our “Poised To Break Through” picks below:

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