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Bekoe’s Top 5 Poised To Break Through

Written by on February 23, 2021

We look at some of our favorite tracks from our Poised To Break Through playlist!

CantBuyDeem – “Benny The Butcher Owes Me $500

Right away, the title is an attention grabber, and if you don’t know who Benny The Butcher is (besides one of the dopest lyricist coming out of Buffalo, New York) just know he owes Chicago’s CantBuyDeem. The biggest question is why he owes him $500, but listening to Deem’s latest single you’ll definitely learn more. 

Morris Mills – “Sex and Money

Dubbed “The Pied Piper of Funk & Roll,” Texas/Chicago native Morris Mills produces a single that’ll take you back to the sounds of the ’80s. When listening, I think about Prince and 1980s action movies like Beverly Hills Cop with Eddie Murphy or Lethal Weapon with Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. It’s an interesting listen, especially with it being released in 2019. Go back in time and see why Morris is “The Pied Piper of Funk & Roll.”

Akanimo – “I’ll Give You That

Charolette, North Carolina emcee Akanimo comes through with an up-tempo record off his EP Where There’s Smoke, and he’s definitely looking for all the smoke on his single “I Give You That.” From your first listen, you’ll hear Akanimo deliver bars over some banging production, along with a hint of melodic tunes.

Olumide – “Dub

The DMV area has an artist scene like no other, and DMV-native Olumide unloads a polished single, titled “Dub,” I can easily see myself cruising down Lake Shore Drive to. His storytelling ability is a key component as well. If I was to rate this song from 1-10, I’d give it a “Dub.”

Baba – “I Love You For You

Singer/songwriter out of Houston known as Baba put together a flawless love tune, that many can relate to. “I Love You For You” sums up what real love is all about!

Listen to our entire Poised To Break Through playlist below!

Written by Bekoe

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