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Bekoe’s Top 5 Poised To Break Through Picks

Written by on January 26, 2021

We receive hundreds of music submissions each month, and while we can’t add all of them to our on-air rotation, these are too good not to show some love.

Here are some of Bekoe’s favorite tracks from this month.

Cris Da Shon – “Go Crazy

Chicago native Cris da Shon continues to stay consistent and unloads a fun uptempo record that turns jazz music into a dance party. If his captive wordplay doesn’t get you nodding your head and moving your feet, I assure you the production will.

Sxvxnt – “Rely On Me” (feat. Dominique Larue and Dee Jackson)

Hip-hop as we know has been infused with multiple sprinkled down genres such as rap, auto-tune, mumble rap and other sub-genres I can’t think of as of now. One thing I always is admire is the feel of true hip-hop music blended with a specific sample that’s looped, which allows for the emcee(s) to deliver you bars and get their point across. In Sxvxnt’s latest record featuring Dominique Larue and Dee Jackson, they do just that.

Motiv – “Won’t Be Long

Drill has become a hot commodity in the UK, and emerging artist Motiv showcases his love for the Chicago create genre with his latest single “Won’t Be Long.”

ArmstrongWW – “Control

We’ve been receiving submissions from artists representing Africa for quite sometime, but this record by ArmstrongWW is a straight mood, and if you know about Chicago Steppin’ this record will have you and your partner twirling and gliding all over the dance floor.

Rahel Be – “Carnelian” (feat. Sudo Black)

For starters, I was today years old when I learned what “Carnelian” means, outside it being a gemstone. In Latin it stands for “Flesh,” and after playing back Rahel Be’s single featuring Sudo Black off her project Manifest it all makes perfect sense. 

Listen to our entire Poised To Break Through playlist below!

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