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Bekoe Delivers His Top 5 Honorable Mentions

Written by on May 5, 2020

May Digital Honorable Mentions

Bekoe, The Illest on Middays, is back with his Top 5 Digital Honorable Mentions for the month of May!

We receive hundreds of music submissions each month, and while we can’t add all of them to our on-air rotation, these are too good not to show some love to  Check out some of Bekoe’s fave picks below via Spotify for the full audio experience and scroll below to hear all the digital adds for the month of May. 


5Joslyn Marie – Be Strong

During a time like this, soothing vocals and an encouraging message is needed. Chicago songstress Joslyn Marie provided the world with a beautiful single and angelic vocals attached to some serene piano tunes.


4. 2KNato – RonaTeam

Now I understand the title by itself may stand out, but Chicago Hip-Hop artist 2KNato found a way to turn self-isolation into a fun rap transformation. His single was produced by illegalx2 who created an absolute vibe.


3. JAMS The Flava Child – “1 AM

At first, I thought I was the only one that would stay up later than usual. Well, it’s a breath of fresh air to know that JAMS The Flava Child joins me in staying up late. The only difference is when Flava Child is up late, he’s being actively creative in the studio or taking calls…while I’m up binge-watching movies. Take a listen below to hear how his creative juices work best in the early AM.


2. Emcee Monte – “Bringing Classic Back

There’s nothing like hearing good ole classic Hip Hop, and Chicago’s Emcee Monte takes us back and delivers a record that even the B-Boys can dance battle to. Can’t forget to mention how the cover art says it all. So grab your dancing shoes, find a graffiti-filled wall, and bust a move.


1. Blake Saint David – Every Day

I’m going through submissions and my son walks past me bobbling his head. Right then and there, I knew Blake Saint David had something unique. Their hook is catchy, the production gives you summertime Chi vibes, and their vocals blend perfectly in between. Another thing you may not know is how this record can only be found right here on Vocalo! So if you like what you hear, come by and visit our site every day for your daily dose of Blake Saint David.

Written by Bekoe

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