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Bekoe Delivers His Top 5 Picks Of The Week

Written by on April 17, 2020

If you’ve yet to tune in and hear me live Monday – Friday from 10am-2pm. You’re truly missing out, But, no worries. I’ve put together a small list that consists of 5 songs that have turned into my favorite during this week.

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5. Noah Sims – “Theatrics

Producer/Songwriter Noah Sims unveils a smooth single titled “Theatrics.” Noah’s soulful vocals on top of his serene production choice is a sure vibe, I guarantee it! He lands at number 5 for my top 5 picks of the week.

4. LaJé – “Pilot” (feat. Jaas)

LaJé is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, and emcee. Her latest single titled “Pilots’ features singer/songwriter Jaas in which they both lay soothing melodies, on top of LaJe’s cutthroat lyricism. Take a Listen as these two ladies take flight and land at Number 4 for my top 5 picks of the week.

3. Austin Fillmore – “Sounds Of Love”

Diversity is key and Chicago native Austin Fillmore is super diverse and very versatile. He simply doesn’t pertain to one genre, and his latest release “Sound Of Love” touches Dance, Pop, and R&B. It has the perfect mixture of melodies and exhilarating production. I’m sure after you listen, you’ll fall in love which is why it lands at number 3.

2. Jean Deaux – “Moody” (feat. Saba)

If you’re not yet hip to who Jean Deaux is. She’s an artists that makes music with no boundaries attached, and for her latest release “Moody” featuring Chicago’s own Saba. The two join forces for a fun record that’s sure to place you in a good mood, and they land at number 2.

1. Phor – “Cardio”

Chicago emcee Phor is all about fitness in his latest record “Cardio,” but What makes this record special is how, I myself seen Phor’s work ethic toward hitting the gym, and making fitness one of his main priorities. His single “Cardio” is more then a record, I see it as a trophy toward good health, which is why he lands at number 1.

Written by Bekoe

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