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Bardo Delivers Bilingual Goodness With “Igual Que Tú”

Written by on March 27, 2020


Bardo continues to amaze by flawlessly using language to spread his lyrics to everyone that listens in new song.

Too often do we find that languages are grouped and cataloged with specific music genres. If you are a hip-hop artist, you must flow in English. If you speak Spanish, you must be a Latin artist with cultural sounds of your country. But Bardo breaks down these barriers by releasing music that seamlessly switches languages. By providing no prior warning that English will be no more, polyglot Bardo emphasizes the fact that we are living in a connected world, a world where language barriers and cultural prejudices have vanished away.

“Igual Que Tú” is a perfect song to begin questioning and expanding our musical and cultural horizons.

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