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NNAMDÏ will perform BRAT in full, the first full-band live stream NNAMDÏ will perform since its release one year ago…

If there’s one thing you need to know up front about Honey Padre, it’s his commitment to authenticity in all his creative endeavors. Charles A. Honeywood is Honey Padre — a Chicago-based hip-hop artist who found his footing absorbing the sounds of the city’s most iconic 90s rap groups. Incorporating poetry-centered lyrics and catchy instrumentals, […]

Reporter, playwright, author and Chicago native Natalie Moore is deeply engrained in the fabric of the city. Her work covering segregation and inequality connects her directly with the community, sharing crucial stories that rarely get told. This is what her Chicago Sounds Like. Are you from Chicago? Where did you grow up? I grew up […]

Chicago born-and-bred NEZ is an artist and producer directly connected to some of the hottest stars in America’s hip-hop galaxy;
but he’s also busy generating his own house music flavored heat.

¿Por qué protesta Colombia? Desde Chicago, nos enlazamos a Bogotá para escuchar de la propia voz de la comunidad colombiana sobre las movilizaciones en el país y el llamado de ayuda internacional para la protección de los derechos humanos.

En el Día de la Madre, escucha un Soundtrack para mamá, una selección de canciones por cantautoras de Latinoamérica.

Cassius Tae makes music that stands out from the typical Chicago hip-hop sound. He’s as emotionally transparent as his music is captivating. And he consistently lays bare his feelings with expressive lyrics layered atop of crisp beats: music that appeal to a diverse pool of listeners in Chicago and beyond. Although continually drawing inspiration from […]

Conversamos con el músico George Arthur Calendar acerca de las paradojas de las relaciones humanas que lo llevaron a crear ‘Paradox’ (Stereochip Records). Entre canciones y anécdotas, recorremos la trayectoria de este músico independiente de Chicago.

Trey Elder is the founder of Quiet Pterodactyl, a Chicago-based nonprofit focused on music and art communities through events, fundraising and educational experiences. QP’s aim is to empower and encourage equitable opportunities for those seeking the arts in the city, creating a lasting influence on Chicago’s music community. Last year, Quiet Pterodactyl released SituationChicago, a […]

Teo The Artist is a Chicago musician through and through. Otherwise known as Tim Jones, Teo is a Chicago-based rapper, producer and musician born and raised in the city. Driven to make a positive difference in Chicago and in the rap scene as a whole, he incorporates a background in jazz and gospel to create […]