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Author: Ayana Contreras

The Black British drummer’s highly anticipated album ‘Black Classical Music’ was released September 8.

The Chicago rapper celebrates the breakthrough mixtape’s 10th anniversary.

The suit classifies The Great 78 Project as an “effort to willfully defy copyright law on an astonishing scale.” But the case is not so cut and dry.

The new exhibition is available for public viewing through August 26.

Recently unearthed footage showcases the timeless beauty of the uniquely-Black Chicago end-of-summer ritual.

Festival showcased an intergenerational genre blurring ethos, in line with the newly-minted Alternative Jazz Grammy category.

The Seattle-based artist discusses collaboration, his latest album Animals, and evolving the music while keeping the craft in jazz.

Backstage at the Blue Note Jazz Festival Napa 2023, Ayana Contreras spoke to the artist about the new album, the strength of the ancestors and the secret power of DJs.

The Smile, Big Thief and Bon Iver headline; plus, we share some of the acts we are most excited to see.

The visionary show, running at the Art Institute of Chicago until July 24, further illuminates the expansive work of the late photographer and writer.