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Chicago’s ASXA Is A “Vibe Deliverer”

Written by on October 9, 2023

Formerly known as Asia Monique, ASXA is back on the scene after a seven-year hiatus to reestablish herself as a contemporary R&B artist. She stopped into the Vocalo studios to discuss her upbringing, rebrand and new projects in the works.

Driven by her desire for something different during the pandemic, self-proclaimed “vibe deliverer” Asia Monique rebranded to ASXA. The name refresh was rooted in self-discovery, with the goal of ensuring her new music is truly reflective of her identity.

ASXA inside the Vocalo studio, sharing insights into her music and more. Blake Hall/Vocalo Radio

As a Chicago native, ASXA grew up in a big family and learned at a young age to relentlessly pursue her dreams. ASXA credits her mother as one of her biggest inspirations, and feels she has given her several gems of knowledge she still carries every day.

“A ‘no’ doesn’t always mean no. A ‘no’ is a right now thing,” she reflected. “If it’s for me, it’s for me. [My mother] instilled that level of faith within me.”

Carried by her mother’s values, ASXA’s musical journey has also been shaped by her dynamic partnership with her producer Kyle, also known as iPrdcWndrs. ASXA feels working with Kyle has been instrumental in her artistic development, and he holds production credits on her most recent song “SS4,” which was added to Vocalo’s on-air rotation in September. 

As the sound of R&B has evolved over the years, ASXA appreciates artists like Jhené Aiko and SZA for pushing its boundaries. Now that the R&B landscape is accepting of different sounds, ASXA has embraced new elements and textures into her music. 

“I am a strings-heavy person,” she remarked. “I love the sound of it. That’s also what our vocal cords are, they’re strings. So being able to compliment any record like that is amazing.”

In conversation with Vocalo’s morning host Bekoe, she broke down her transformative journey of self-discovery, and hinted at a new single and more live performances on the horizon.

ASXA and Bekoe stand outside of the Vocalo Studio on September 26. Blake Hall/Vocalo Radio

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Interview and audio production by Bekoe

Written introduction by Blake Hall

Photography by Blake Hall

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