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In Rotation: 5 Songs to Get You In Your Feels This Summer

Written by on June 4, 2019

This is going to feel like a breakup playlist…

It’s not. But it did get us in our feelings though…

Here are five songs from our “In Rotation” playlist that we just can’t get enough of…



Doso – “Know That Now”

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It’s been several years and it’s been several tears, but Doso has made it through his heartbreak.  He delivers a thoughtful mea culpa over a progressive loop of video game vibe beats.  But we all know love isn’t a game to be played with.   We think he knows that now.

JusSol – “Fuck Em, We Bawl”

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She stayed up late waiting for their call, and we felt that.  How many of us haven’t been there?  JusSol made this song cry with her melancholy voice and lyrics.  We hope that she did leave ‘em.

Carlile – “Spare Me”

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This song is an electro-pop novela.  Each drum beat is a warning shot to a frenemy that shan’t be named.  Meanwhile, Carlile’s vocal harmonies reverberate in a music chamber of shade… and we’re here for it.


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Friday Afternun

Friday Afternun’s sugary voice is so sweet that you almost don’t realize you’re being broken up with.  This guitar strummed serenade pulls at the heartstrings.  One moment you’re falling in love on a Friday afternoon, and the next thing you know you’re wiping tears from your eyes.


Iris Temple – “Pretty Love”

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iris temple

Just like the title says, this song is pretty.  But love isn’t always pretty.  The duo, Iris Temple, has crafted a melodic ode to a lost love, a harmonized poem, that leaves you longing for more.



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