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In Rotation: 30 Local Artists Getting Spins on Vocalo Radio

Written by on May 29, 2019

Team Vocalo,

It’s unbelievable – but true – we’re at the mid-year mark of 2019.

Time, of course, flies when you’re blessed with good music.  And in Chicago… whew… the music just keeps falling in our laps.  This year alone we’ve been able to add a steady stream of singles from Chicago all-stars like Jamila Woods, Chance The Rapper, Kaina, Lili K, The O’My’sThe Pivot Gang, Mykelle Deville and Ness Heads to our rotation (just to name a few).

The truth is, in this day and age, it’s hard to keep up with all the incredible music. That’s why we crowdsource the music you find on our airwaves.  If you listen regularly, you’ve heard the promo spot:

Submit your music at vocalo.org/localmusic and if we like what we hear, we’ll play it.

Well, it’s true.   We receive a lot of music submissions…then we sit in a room….and we listen to every single track.

For real though… we take this process seriously. We have an FM signal and the power to curate a selection that you won’t be able to hear anywhere on commercial radio. A selection that is authentically Chicago. We do this with love for our city and respect for all those artists that submit their music.

This list is a co-sign and, admittedly, it’s just a slice of the richness and diversity of Chicago talent.  So if you know someone that makes good music and you want to get them on our radar, ask them to tune-in, and to submit their music at: vocalo.org/localmusic.

In the meantime, here’s a playlist of 30 songs that we’ve added to our rotation since January 2019. All of these songs were submitted via our submissions page! So tune in, take a listen, and get ready to discover your new favorite Chicago artists…

P.S This list pertains to music that has come to us exclusively through vocalo.org/localmusic and is a 2019 release.  We do regularly add music outside of this process.

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