10 / 20 / 14
En Busca De Un Aplauso
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 Here’s the first of our Spanish language stories for Domingos en Español, produced by Chemo Tovar, one of our Vocalo Storytellers.  His story is called “In search of applause”, and it’s a profile about an Argentinean immigrant that is living out his dream in Chicago, dancing Tango. 


Chemo Tovar (Zacatecas, México)

·      ¿Por qué quisiste formar parte del VSW en español?

Para mi fue interesante el concepto de el taller. El abrir un espacio donde las personas puden expresar lo que se vive en las comunidades es de total interés. Creo que las oportunidades como esta se deben de aprovechar, tanto por el aprendizaje como por lo que puede se puede aportar.

·      Describe tu historia en 20 segundos.

En busca de un aplauso es la historia de un bailarín y su pasión por el tango, cómo la tradiciones y costumbres de una persona se llevan a donde quiera que está. En la historia se describe como el tango, un baile propio de la cultura argentina, ayuda a Eduardo a sobresalir en un país diferente a de él. También vemos como esta pasión nace gracias a las costumbres de una cultura.

·      ¿Por qué decidiste contar esta historia?

Decidí contar esta historia por que creo que todos los que migran de su país llevan consigo su cultura. La cultura que marca nuestra identidad por medio de nuestras costumbres y tradiciones. Son las cosas que nos mantiene cerca de nuestras raíces sin importar lo lejos que estemos. Por esa razón decidí contar la historia de un migrante que lleva parte de su cultura a donde quiera que este.

·      Describe tu experiencia en el VSW. ¿Qué fue lo que más aprendiste durante este taller?

La experiencia en el taller fue muy agradable, el hecho de compartir este mes con mis compañeros fue de gran aprendizaje. Las clases fueron muy interesantes, los invitados a las platicas nos enseñaron diferentes técnicas de periodismo, desde como hacer una buena entrevista hasta como manejar el equipo. Ahora aprendí a manejar Reaper que fue una de las cosas que me encantaron de el taller. 

Source: SoundCloud / Chemo Tovar

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10 / 17 / 14
Barber Shop Show 186: October Mid Month Mash-Up
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This week’s Barber Shop Show was our October Mid-Month Mash-Up (our monthly news roundup featuring some of our favorite journalists and bloggers). Host Richard Steele was joined by:

Odette Yousef (WBEZ)
Angela Caputo (Chicago Reporter)

They discuss Chicago’s Mayoral Race, yellow traffic lights, Ebola in America, and many other notable news stories from the last couple of weeks.

The Barber Shop Show airs on Fridays and Saturdays at Noon on 91.1FM, 90.7FM, and 89.5FM. You can also stream live at vocalo.org. The show also broadcasts on Sundays at 3pm on WBEZ.

Source: SoundCloud / Vocalo's Barber Shop Show

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10 / 17 / 14

You’ve been asking:  Can I still get tix to the @vocalo Thriller Dance Party? 

Do you really think we would have left you hanging?

Come party with Vocalo at the Thriller Dance Party on Oct 31st!

A one-time gift of $10 will get you two tickets to the Thriller Dance Party.
A one-time gift of $20 gets you the two tickets, and a throwback Vocalo T-Shirt.

Additional Thriller Details:
Doors open at 8pm. Goose Island Open bar starts at 9pm.  Costume contest winners announced at Midnight. Music by Jesse De La Pena, DJ Greedy, DJ Charlie. Drinks courtesy of Goose Island Beer. Tamales by Lily B.


Get your tix at: vocalo.org/donate

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10 / 10 / 14
Barber Shop Show 185: Investing in our Communities


On this week’s Barber Shop Show, we revisited a few memorable conversations about investment (or lack of investment) in communities. Host Richard Steele was joined by:
- Journalist Whet Moser. He talked about  the history of North and South Lawndale, and talk about how those very different histories impact life for present day residents.

Then Richard talked to Angela Caputo. According to Angela’s recent blogpost on the Chicago Reporter’s website, Chicago “has collected 169 million dollars to address the vacant properties left in the wake of the foreclosure crisis”; but, “the city spent money on buildings with luxury finishes in gentrifying areas while distressed properties in some of the city’s hardest hit neighborhoods were left to languish.”

They were also joined by:
- Kevin Jackson, Executive Director of the Chicago Rehab Network , and
- Ghian Foreman, the executive director of Chicago’s Greater Southwest Development Corporation.
They also talked about the impact of just one vacant property on a block, as well as how community engagement can tip the scales in the right direction.

Lastly we talked to Linsey Robinson, a 5th grade teacher whose class wrote an editorial to the Tribune in defense of their South Shore neighborhood.
We also heard from two of her students, Damiontaye and Rondayle.

The Barber Shop Show airs on Fridays and Saturdays at Noon on 90.7FM, 89.5FM, and 91.1FM. You can also stream live at vocalo.org. In addition, the show broadcasts on Sundays at 3pm on WBEZ 91.5FM.

Source: SoundCloud / Vocalo's Barber Shop Show

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10 / 09 / 14

The Empty Bottle put together an incredible, one-of-a-kind carrot for our donors today: One of you will get a pass to every show in 2015 at The Empty Bottle in Wicker Park, Thalia Hall in Pilsen, The Promontory in Hyde Park, and SPACE in Evanston. We can’t even calculate the value of that! But even if you don’t win that, ALL donors get two tickets to our Thriller Dance Party on Halloween, so come on! Donate!

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10 / 03 / 14
Interview with Danyel Smith & Elliott Wilson creators of HRDCVR Culture Magazine

Among other things, Danyel Smith is an editor, critic, novelist and the former editor of Billboard Magazine and Editor & Chief of Vibe Magazine. Elliott Wilson is the former Editor & Chief of XXL Magazine, the founder and CEO of Rap Radar.com, creator of the CRWN Interview Series and the the TRUTH Video Series. Now they are collaborating on a new project called HRDCVR.

Source: SoundCloud / vocalo

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10 / 03 / 14
Barber Shop Show 184: Otis Clay & Take Me to the River
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On this installment of the Barber Shop Show, host Richard Steele was joined by soul and blues legend Otis Clay. He talked about his part in the new Memphis Soul documentary “Take Me to the River”, as well as his career. We also heard from Diana Simon, who’s currently touring with Otis as a backup singer. She’s has some deep connections to the Chicago music scene, too.

Plus, Richard takes the pulse of poverty in America with Deborah L. Shelton of the Chicago Reporter. They discuss new numbers from a recent analysis by Pew Research.

The Barber Shop Show airs on Fridays and Saturdays at Noon on 90.7FM, 89.5FM, and 91.1FM. You can also stream live at vocalo.org. In addition, the show broadcasts on Sundays at 3pm on WBEZ 91.5FM.

Source: SoundCloud / Vocalo's Barber Shop Show

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10 / 01 / 14
Crow Moses on Live From Studio 10 (Sept. 2014)
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On his new album, Horse Heaven Hills, Crow Moses delivers a collection of songs that build upon Americana and folk traditions. Though this is his debut under the Crow Moses name, this is not his first foray into music, having previously released albums under the Musikanto moniker. But this is definitely a release that sees the Chicago folk singer expand his ability to weave compelling narratives, imagery and melodies.

Live From Studio 10 airs Tuesdays at 8pm CST on Vocalo 91.1 FM & 90.7 FM (CHI) / 89.5 FM (NWI) and Vocalo.org. The show features emerging bands and music artists from Chicago and beyond. One hour of music and interview, all live. Hosted by Jesse Menendez, produced by Fyodor Sakhnovski and engineered by Adam Yoffe. Subscribe to the podcast here: bitly.com/vocaloLFS10

Source: SoundCloud / Vocalo's LiveFromStudio10

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09 / 30 / 14

Tim Mcllrath is the front man of political punk rock group Rise Against. He joined Jesse Menendez on The MusicVox to talk about their 7th studio album The Black Market, and how social justice and activism inform the band’s music. He also treated us to a special acoustic performance of “People Live Here,” and “Hero of War.

The MusicVox airs weekdays 4-6 PM on 91.1 FM & 90.7 FM (CHI) / 89.5 FM (NWI) / www.vocalo.org

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09 / 29 / 14
Arum Rae talks all things that groove and sound "red"
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Brooklyn-based artist Arum Rae joined Jesse Menendez on The MusicVox to talk about her latest release - The Warranted Queen EP,” her love for electronic beats that groove, all things that sound “red,” and making your life the best and biggest you can.

The MusicVox airs weekdays 4-6 PM on 91.1 FM & 90.7 FM (CHI) / 89.5 FM (NWI) / www.vocalo.org

Source: SoundCloud / Vocalo's Music Vox

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