02 / 27 / 13
OSCAR Recap 2013: Council of Feminist Thought


On the Council of Feminist Thought this week is Audra Wilson, host of Vocalo’s newest talk show Practically Speaking, and Britt Julious, blogger at WBEZ and editor at This Recording. The Council asks whether we should expect more from mainstream comedy at the Oscars and discuss the controversy over the Onion’s Quvenzhané Wallis tweet and the public’s mixed reaction.

Brian Babylon: “Are they racist for putting that tweet out? No. It’s the reaction… Call Lena Dunham that and then you tell me how it turns out. Tell me about the kind of apologies and press conferences you would have to do.”

Source: SoundCloud / vocalo

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02 / 26 / 13
The Onion is Crying


The Onion Newspaper is known for it’s satire. You’ll see headlines like “240 Killed In Stampede After Bucketful of Oscars Just Dumped On Stage” or “Unsuspecting Movie Stars Follow Fake Red Carpet Into Back of Kidnappers’ Van.” But on Oscars night, The Onion put a not so funny tweet out about 9-year-old Oscar nominee, Quvenzhane Wallis, that caused a lot of backlash. It was taken down within an hour and the CEO of The Onion even issued a formal apology. Luis and Shantell talk about why this crossed the line and felt so inconsistent with The Onion’s form of satire. A listener calls in to share his thoughts.

Source: SoundCloud / vocalo

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