03 / 06 / 13

Overdrive Weekdays 4-6PM Central Time: Feminist Wednesday


Did She Ruin It? Sunday the first woman in history tried out for the NFL and she wasn’t that great. We have a conversation about Laura Silberman and whether or not she just made it tougher for female athletes to be taken seriously in professional sports.

International Women’s Day, A Celebration: Amara Betty Martin is one of the organizers for “A Women’s Revolution.” She joins us live to discuss this Saturday’s event in celebration of International Women’s Day. 

Wise Woman of the Week:Today’s “wise woman” is Rita Figuera. We hear her story of how she got into the sport of professional boxing. 

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02 / 20 / 13

Today on the Overdrive 2.20.13 (4-6 PM CST) Feminist Wednesday

A Stressed Generation: Millennials are the fast-paced, technologically savvy generation of humans. They also happen to be the most stressed out group of people. We discuss the details of the American Psychological Association’s new study.

Why I Don’t Say “I’m Pretty”: We talk about the word pretty and women’s relationship to the phrase "I’m Pretty" as outlined by Jezebel.com’s Tracy Moore.

Wise Woman of the Week: This week’s “wise woman” is Emily Rose. The Real Talk Avenue artist talks about how she came to perform at open mics, readings and slams across Chicago and the nation. 

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