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04 / 21 / 14
Vocalo On WBEZ Ep. 101 - Shinola Manufacturing, Tokyo Police Club, DJ Chorizo Funk
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In this episode: Can the Motor City (and the Second City) find some economic relief by returning to its manufacturing roots? WBEZ’s Lauren Chooljian joined the AMp hosts Brian Babylon and Molly Adams to share her report on Shinola, a watch, bikes, and leather company based in downtown Detroit that advertises in the pages of Vogue and does business with the Horween Leather Company in Chicago.

Tokyo Police Club has released their much anticipated follow up to 2010’s Champ. The new album, Forcefield is the band’s first album of original material in four years. David Monks of Tokyo Police Club joined Jesse Menendez on The MusicVox to talk about the different approach to writing this album.

Chicago’s Tall Walker create songs that are contemplative in mood and delivered with a touch of Classic Rock sensibilities. The band evokes a sense of familiarity while conjuring their own unique imagery through lyrics and sound. Tall Walker joined Jesse Menendez for an interview and live performance here on Vocalo!

We end the show as usual with a DJ set, this time celebrating the Record Store Day with an all-vinyl mix from Chorizo Funk. Tune in!

Source: SoundCloud / vocalo

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04 / 18 / 14
BSS 160: April's Mid-Month Mash-Up
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On this week’s Barbershop Show we have the Mid-Month Mash-Up featuring:
• Susan Smith Richardson, Editor and Publisher of The Chicago Reporter
• Kathy Chaney, WBEZ Midday Producer
• Maria Zamudio, Reporter with The Chicago Reporter

We discuss Jabari Parker deciding to enter the NBA Draft after only one year at Duke, the closing of Nouveau Tavern, and many other interesting news topics from the last few weeks.

The Barber Shop Show airs on Fridays and Saturdays at Noon on 90.7FM and 89.5FM. You can also stream live at The show also broadcasts on Sundays at 3pm on WBEZ.

Source: SoundCloud / Vocalo's Barber Shop Show

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04 / 17 / 14
Let's Get Real: Is Colorblind Ideology a form of Racism?
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The AMp hosts Brian Babylon and Molly Adams (along with a few callers) kicked off the show with some real table talk! Stephen Colbert satirizes white liberalism by saying he “can’t be racist because I don’t see color.” But psychologists say colorblindness has similar effects to racist beliefs: it keeps the “colorblind” person from recognizing and more importantly, valuing, individual difference.

Source: SoundCloud / vocalo

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04 / 16 / 14
Reclaimed Soul: Slow Jams and Groovers
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On this episode of Reclaimed Soul we dive into some groovy slow jams, by artists like The Lost Generation, Linda Jones, and Lee Charles.
Plus, we hear a special 1970s Chicago Kiddie Soul mini-mix featuring the Eight Minutes, North, South, East & West, Love’s Children, and more.

For fresh episodes of Reclaimed Soul, listen in Thursdays at 8pm CST on, or tune in to 89.5fm (NW Indy) and 90.7fm (CHI)

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04 / 09 / 14

My name is Silvia and I’m a hater.

Hi, I’m Silvia, Managing Director of Vocalo.

I often find myself saying things like:
  • I hate the way big media portrays our communities.
  • I hate the way that commercial radio stations play the same songs over and over again.
  • I hate that big media doesn’t engage our communities on issues that impact them on a day-to-day basis.
  • I hate that big media doesn’t celebrate our cultural diversity.
  • I’m a hater.
But let me tell you what I do love. Vocalo.

Vocalo is a special type of media. We’re the change we wish to see in our media landscape. We’re a service dedicated to engaging our communities with thoughtful discussions and diverse cultural expressions. We create our programming with you (and us) in mind.

If you love Vocalo too, I’m asking you to show us some love. I need 150 people to step up for Vocalo by this Friday and make a donation. We’ve already heard from 47, and now I need to hear from you. 

Plus, if you make a $4 a month donation, we’ll show you some love by giving you a ticket to our celebratory end of pledge drive event this Friday night, the #hatersball. The party will take place at the Chop Shop and will feature music from JC Brooks, the Vocalo DJ Collective and DJ Ayana Contreras. You’ll also get to nosh on some delicious food and enjoy craft cocktails from Johnny Costello of the Berkshire Room.

Most importantly, you’ll get to meet the most dynamic team in public media. We love what we do, and hope you do too.



Silvia Rivera
Manager Director

P.S. You can donate online right here.

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04 / 03 / 14

Live shot of our interview with Principal Liz Dozier of Fenger High School, talking about her role on #CNN’s #Chicagoland and more! #video #live #radio #peaceprize #thursday #tgit #politics #publicschools #nationalnews #realliferadio #teamvocalo #morningshow #morningamp

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04 / 02 / 14
Who Are The Beatles of Today?


Vocalo contributor Ryan Bedell discusses whether any bands from the 1990s to the present carry the same weight as The Beatles and other legendary artists once did. Who will people still be talking about in 50 years?

Source: SoundCloud / Vocalo's By The Way

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04 / 02 / 14
Why You Should Listen to Oldies


In this piece, Vocalo collaborator Ryan Bedell explains the importance of knowing the history of music and its roots, and why you should listen and appreciate the oldies.

Source: SoundCloud / Vocalo's By The Way

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03 / 28 / 14
Reclaimed Soul: Local Steppers


On this installment of Reclaimed Soul, host Ayana Contreras spins some stepper cuts from both local artists and artists from elsewhere, including James Brown. Also featured is a clip from her interview with Reggie Torian from the Impressions and her advice on how to write a “Vinyl Is Back” article as Record Store Day approaches.

For fresh episodes of Reclaimed Soul, listen in Thursdays at 8pm CST on, or tune in to 89.5fm (NW Indy) and 90.7fm (CHI)

Source: SoundCloud / vocalo

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03 / 26 / 14
Practically Speaking Episode 47: Is Feminism A Dirty Word?
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On this installment of Practically Speaking, host Audra Wilson explores what feminism means to different groups. She is joined by Soheila Azadi, a graduate assistant at UIC, a native of Iran, and an artist who speaks to the role feminism plays in her life and culture. She is also joined by Shelly Conner, an instructor at UIC who teaches a course on women in literature. In addition, Vocalo contributor Ryan Bedell conducts interviews and examines pop culture to see where people stand on feminism.

Tune in Friday at 11am on | 89.5 (NWI) | 90.7 (CHI).

Source: SoundCloud / vocalo

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03 / 20 / 14

Illinois Supreme Court strikes down eavesdropping law - f

03 / 19 / 14
Practically Speaking 46: After The Wars
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This episode of Practically Speaking focuses on what happens when people are released from incarceration and what rehabilitation is available to them. We discuss the Cook County Juvenile Detention Center, as well as the Safer Foundation with president emeritus Diane Williams. We hear from several people struggling to get back on their feet after incarceration. We hear a spoken word piece from an area high school student about his experience. We revisit our discussion with Bill Brown about black veterans, and finish by talking with Mark Doyle, founder of Rags of Honor, a custom silk screen company that hires exclusively veterans, and one of his employees, Dwayne Jones.

Source: SoundCloud / vocalo

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03 / 07 / 14

Choosing Topics for Vocalo

One of the most common questions we get at Vocalo is, “How do you come up with with your topics?” The short answer is that ideas can come from anywhere and everywhere. 

There are dozens of ways shows get put together. We get tips/ideas from listeners through facebook & twitter; segments can come from personal experiences & stories people share; even conversations with strangers at check-out lines have become segments on Vocalo. It’s all about listening for the story. The Internet is also a big source for potential segments, obviously.

Below we have Midday host Luis Antonio Perez sharing how he plans to turn his day-long “Flexible Friday web browsing” into radio segments for Vocalo for next week.

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02 / 28 / 14


Tune in now for this week’s Barbershop Show. The topic of discussion is the many faces of gentrification after Spike Lee’s rant earlier this week about gentrification in Brooklyn went viral. We welcome to the show: 
• Christyn S. Henson, New Communities Program Director at Quad Communities Development Corporation.
• J. Brian Malone, Executive Director of the Kenwood Oakland Community Organization (KOCO)
• Bernard Loyd, a developer in Bronzeville
• Nelson Soza, Executive Director of The Pilsen Alliance
• Eric Lynch, who plays “Jackson” in the Goodman Theatre’s current production of “Buzzer”. The play runs until March 9th.

Tune in on | 90.7fm (Chi) | 89.5fm (Nwi).

Source: barbershopshow

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02 / 27 / 14
Worldview's Jerome McDonnell Talks About The Global Activism Expo with The Morning AMp


Our friend Jerome McDonnell, host of Worldview, wants to invite you to this year’s Global Activism Expo Part 1 at the Chicago Cultural Center. This year they are focusing on India, from food to dance to social activism.

Source: SoundCloud / vocalo

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