Peace Prize Thursday Rundown, 2/28/13, 8-10am CST


Tasers: Campus Security at Loyola University are considering arming their Rogers Park officers with tasers. Intern Erica DeAngelis looks at the safety concerns surrounding tasers on college campuses and reports on the policies the school will institute to regulate their use.

Yes, You Are Racist: Logan Smith is a young man with a singular purpose on Twitter: he find people saying “I’m not racist but…” and retweets them so they can see his handle. We’ll find out what drives Logan’s mission and how many hours of his day he wastes… or whether that time is being valuably spent.

Coya Paz: Our social justice commentator looks at the US’s arming of Syrian rebels which was announced this AM, drug testing for welfare recipients, and a very unusual picture Brian Babylon found in a funeral home bathroom. 

Source: morningamp

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