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Is Your Child too Fat for Halloween? One North Dakotan May Believe So.


Most kids expect to get candy when they go trick-or-treating or at the very worst an apple and some floss. Unfortunately, if they stop by one Fargo, North Dakota woman’s house, they might recieve the now notorious “fat letter.”

“There is false correlation between children’s weight and healthy food, same with adult. Probably Cheryl [the infamous writer of the Halloween letter] would consider me chubby […] I eat a 99.9% vegan diet […] I make my own almond milk, I am that lady, but I a solid size 12 no matter what I do, meanwhile my child is tiny and she eats cheetos and chocolate.” - Dr. Coya Paz

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Overdrive (Weekdays 4-6 PM): Overdrive Weekdays 4-6PM Central Time: Feminist Wednesday f


Fat Letters: Childhood obesity is a hot topic and one elementary school in Massachusetts is becoming proactive in stopping it. How? By sending letters to the parents of children deemed obese by the school. We discuss.

Deprived of Resources: The National Eating Disorders Association

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