07 / 02 / 14
This Week on The Council of #Feminist Thought: Our Constructive Take on Coastal #Media


This week on the Council of Feminist Thought, Britt Julious joined the AMp’s Brian Babylon and Molly Adams. We kicked it off by talking about Inland, her new publishing venture that will explore Midwestern culture and identity. We put a little “constructive disliking” (not hate!) on coastal media. Take a listen!

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10 / 01 / 13
WBEZ Michael Puente on The Community Paramedics Movement


Amidst the Affordable Care Act and Medical Insurance debate, the AMp decided to get the beat on a new alternative healthcare movement that is stemming from the cons of both Obamacare and standard independent insurance where healthcare is brought to your home in certain states. Hosts Brian Babylon and Molly Adams were joined by WBEZ reporter Michael Puente by phone as he shared detailed information on the Community Paramedics Movement which is available in Indiana. Basically, when there is an emergency health situation going on in a household, community paramedics come to the patient and call the doctor through Skype or FaceTime to give vitals and do a quick check up so the doctor can properly diagnose the person in which the paramedics will go ahead and give the patient appropriate treatment. This will help lessen emergency room visits for the simple fact that under regular insurance, it is no secret that the ER bills are astronomical; if someone is insured under Obamacare, they can go to the ER for treatment, but if they go again for the same ailment a couple of days later, the hospital will get penalized for it by the federal government. To understand how community paramedics works exactly, Michael Puente told Brian and Molly that he will experience a ride with the paramedics and will be sure to give us a follow up report for us.

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05 / 23 / 13
The Great Lakes Project Unveil the Hidden Gems of the Midwest


I’m very proud of where I’m from. […] I think we’ve got a lot of great writers and artists and just people here who have stories to tell, and maybe they’re not necessarily as relatable across the country or world, but they are in their own respect they’re very good and it’s the kind of thing we should be proud of and share with people. This is our story, this is where we’re from. Here. Understand it. Share it with us.

- Walter Knoblock, Midwest Native and Editor of The Great Lakes Book Project.

The Great Lakes Book Project is a collection of creative non-fiction which looks at the Great Lakes through geography, culture, and, personal dramas. Editor Walter Knoblock joined AMp hosts Brian Babylon and Molly Adams on the phone from Traverse City, MI as well as writer Ben Goluboff of Lake Forest was in the studio with us.

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02 / 28 / 13

Peace Prize Thursday Rundown, 2/28/13, 8-10am CST


Tasers: Campus Security at Loyola University are considering arming their Rogers Park officers with tasers. Intern Erica DeAngelis looks at the safety concerns surrounding tasers on college campuses and reports on the policies the school will institute to regulate their use.

Yes, You Are Racist: Logan Smith is a young man with a singular purpose on Twitter: he find people saying “I’m not racist but…” and retweets them so they can see his handle. We’ll find out what drives Logan’s mission and how many hours of his day he wastes… or whether that time is being valuably spent.

Coya Paz: Our social justice commentator looks at the US’s arming of Syrian rebels which was announced this AM, drug testing for welfare recipients, and a very unusual picture Brian Babylon found in a funeral home bathroom. 

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