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02 / 19 / 14
Council of Feminist Thought: Michael Dunn Verdict


It was an all-star gathering on this week’s Council of Feminist Thought. Veronica Arreola of Viva La Feminista, Cassandra Gaddo of the Step Up Women’s Network, and Jamie Nesbitt Golden of Hood Feminism all joined AMp hosts Molly Adams and Brian Babylon. We spent a bunch of our time discussing the verdict in the trial of Michael Dunn for the murder of Jordan Davis. We also talked about #DangerousBlackKids and the way gun violence has become an increasingly normalized reaction to fear.

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01 / 07 / 14
Chicago's Ban On Retail Gun Shops Deemed Unconsitutional
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On Monday, U.S. District Judge Edmond Chang ruled that it is unconstitutional for Chicago to prohibit licensed gun stores from operating in the city and also found that the city failed to prove that the sale of guns by licensed dealers would be an important factor to minimize the number of gun violence. This also means that it will be legal for people to transfer ownership of a gun as a gift or private sale as long as the buyer or recipient was over the age of 18 and owned a FOID card. This morning the AMp’s Molly Adams was joined by guest co-host Ricardo Gamboa to discuss this new ordinance, its effectiveness and what it will take to deter the amount of gun violence in Chicago.

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10 / 24 / 13
WBEZ Rob Wildeboer: The Real Effectiveness of Mandatory Minimums and the Call for More Police


How do you solve a problem like Chicago’s gun violence? The mayor is proposing mandatory minimum prison sentences for illegal possession as a deterrent, but research groups say we should consider more police officers in the streets. WBEZ reporter Rob Wildeboer joined the AMp’s Brian Babylon and Molly Adams as he helped explore these interpretations of data and answered questions from the hosts and listeners.

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02 / 25 / 13
Vocalo on WBEZ Ep 54 - Women on Gun Ownership, K.Flay, DJ Kid Cut Up

We know the reasons people own guns can vary as much as the opinions over what to do about gun violence. So it’s important to get as many perspectives as possible. In this episode we present a clip from WBEZ’s “Our Guns” series that looks at women who own guns for their own protection. Team Vocalo’s Molly Adams and Brian Babylon discuss the story and also hear from two listeners who share their thoughts on the gun control debate.

Also, rapper K.Flay is known for her electronic tinged brand of introspective Hip Hop. She’s currently on tour and had a show in Chicago this past week. Before her performance, she stopped by and spoke with Jesse Menendez about her new mix tape, West Ghost, her place in the Hip Hop continuum, her thoughts on feminism in music and more.

We conclude the episode as usual with an awesome DJ set. This time from Vocalo DJ Collective member Kid Cut Up. Tune in!

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02 / 18 / 13
Vocalo on WBEZ Ep. 53 - Preppers with Guns, Hemmingbirds, DJ Derrek Moon

In this episode: WBEZ ‘s Aurora Aguilar joined Vocalo’s Molly Adams and Brian Babylon to share her report on Preppers: a segment on the gun owner population that believe doomsday is coming and that guns are the most important tool in preparing for the end of civilization.

Also, From a solo project conceived by singer / guitarist / violist Yoo Soo Kim, Hemmingbirds have evolved into a full-fledged indie pop band that combines soulful melodies, dynamic arrangements and thoughtful lyricism into one distinct sound, all of which is captured on their standout release, The Vines of Age. Hemmingbirds’ performance was recorded in Chicago Public Media’s Jim and Kay Mabie performance studio.

And as always we close out the show with a great DJ set. This time, we feature the sounds of Derrek Moon.

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02 / 11 / 13
Preppers: Preparing for the end of civilization with guns


George describes himself as “half-hillbilly, half-Viking.”

WBEZ’s Aurora Aguilar talked with George Drouillard (a pseudonym) about his preparedness plan.  It maybe a devastating blizzard or a government takeover, either way George is ready with canned food, extra batteries, shovels, and lots and lots of guns. Aguilar joins hosts Molly Adams and Brian Babylon in the studio while Christopher Hill, editor of Survival and Prosperity, calls in to discuss the lifestyle choice that George has made and the community that supports it.

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01 / 30 / 13
The death of Hadiya Pendleton and Chicago's alarming number of young victims of violence


A quarter of Chicago’s victims of violence in January have been under the age of eighteen. On Tuesday, January 29, fifteen-year-old Hadiya Pendleton was shot in the back in a public park at 2:30 pm, with bullets allegedly meant for someone else. Hosts Molly and Brian discuss why the media picked up on Hadiya’s story when there have been 42 homicides this month alone. Nick from Chicago and Richard from Gary, Indiana weigh in on the effectiveness of an assault weapons ban in the city.

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