05 / 29 / 14
Obit of the Week: Special Maya Angelou and Stormè DeLarverie Commemoration


We have had some heavy duty losses in the Black activist and artist community this week. Josh Eisenberg remembers the much-lauded multi-disciplinary artist Maya Angelou as well as Stormè DeLarverie, the ahead-of-her-time woman legend credits with throwing the first punch at the Stonewall Riots.

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02 / 06 / 14
Practically Speaking 41: Is Gay The New Black?


C.C. is a self-proclaimed “P.K.” (“preacher’s kid”), an academic, a writer and, in her own words, “a Black who happens to be lesbian.” She is founder of POW WOW, an organization that has provided resources to the Black LGBT community.
On this installment of Practically Speaking, C.C. talks about marriage equality, what it means to be “queer,” and why gay isn’t “the new Black.” Also, we explore anti-gay sentiment in the Caribbean with activist Maxim Thorne. He offers his own opinion on whether Gay is the New Black.
Plus, we talk to Cultural Anthropologist Clinton Nichols. He talks about the roles of Blacks in the early Gay Rights Movement, and the roles of Gays in the early Civil Rights Movement.

Tune in to fresh installments Fridays and Saturdays at 11am (CST) on vocalo.org | 89.5FM (NWI) | 90.7FM (Chicago)

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01 / 24 / 14
Barber Shop Show 150: Police Involved Shootings in Chicago


Aaron Harrison was shot and killed by a Chicago police officer in 2007. After a long fight and a lawsuit, his family received compensation from the City of Chicago last August. In this installment of The Barber Shop Show, The Chicago Reporter’s Angela Caputo reveals some disconcerting facts behind police-involved shootings.

Plus, we were joined by:
activist Ashunda Harris. She was Aaron Harrison’s aunt.
Tracy Siska of the Chicago Justice Project
and civil rights attorney Jon Loevy.

You can catch fresh installments of The Barber Shop Show Fridays at Noon on www.vocalo.org | 90.7 (CHI) | 89.5 (NWI).

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01 / 23 / 14


Aaron Harrison was shot and killed by a Chicago police officer in 2007. After a long fight and a lawsuit, his family received compensation from the City of Chicago last August. Tomorrow on the Barber Shop Show tomorrow,  The Chicago Reporter reveals some disconcerting facts behind police-involved shootings. Plus, we’re joined by activist Ashunda Harris, aunt of Aaron Harrison and civil rights attorney Jon Loevy.

Tune in tomorrow at noon on www.vocalo.org | 90.7 (CHI) | 89.5 (NWI).

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10 / 23 / 13
The AARP has Developed an Online Resource for People with ACA Concerns


Our friends at the AARP have put together an online resource dedicated to answering anyone’s questions about what the Affordable Care Act. Edna Kane-Williams, VP of multicultural engagement, also joined Molly Adams and Brian Babylon to talk about how the ACA is of particular help to older African-Americans.

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10 / 21 / 13
What Is Hip? Slave Movies!


Morning AMp intern and ‘The Whiskey Journal’ contributor Tim Barnes debuts his new segment “What Is Hip?” by explaining to hosts Brian Babylon and Molly Adams how slavery is the newest trend in Hollywood. Tim described the success of films like ‘The Help’ and ‘Django Unchained’ as a sign to movie producers that there is money to be made by tackling civil rights issues in theaters. He also interviewed moviegoers before and after watching the new release ‘12 Years a Slave’ which depicts the true life story of Solomon Northup, a free man who was forced into slavery.

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05 / 20 / 13
Practically Speaking Episode 12: Black and Gay in America.


In this installment of Practically Speaking, we talk to Cultural Anthropologist Clinton Nichols about the larger social implications of celebrities (like Frank Ocean) who have decided to come out. He also talks about what it means to be Black and Gay in America.

We also talk about the legacy of Bayard Rustin, an African-American Civil Rights-Era activist who organized the March on Washington. But, he was pushed out of the spotlight because he was also Gay.

Plus, we revisit an interview with Pastor Phil of the Lawndale Christian Church.

Practically Speaking airs fresh episodes Saturdays at 1pm CST on vocalo.org, and over the air at 89.5fm and 90.7fm in Chicago. You can also catch a re-broadcast Fridays at 11am. Visit vocalo.org and press play.

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04 / 04 / 13

Overdrive (Weekdays 4-6 PM): Peace Prize Thursday f


45 Years Ago Today:Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was shot and killed while standing on the balcony of a Tennessee motel forty-five years ago. We have a conversation about past and present civil rights leaders in the context of unity, achievement and continued strides for equality.

Out With…

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03 / 02 / 13


(photo from the 1940 film, (Broken Strings”)

Today on Practically Speaking, we explore the world of people who have trailblazed the world of classical music. What struggles do black opera singers, composers, and musicians face? Do black experiences lend a different filter to traditional classical work?

Host Audra Wilson talks to dance legend Joel Hall and Alan Marshall, the librettist of a new Civil Rights opera called “The March”.

Plus, from “Proper” to “Patois”, we discover Slang that’s Lost in Translation. Audra talks with Omar (a student) and Clinton (a Cultural Anthropologist) as we unpack the hierarchy of language.

Audra also reviews the impact of Shirley Chisholm, a trailblazing woman of color who ran for president back in the 1970s.

Also featuring music by Emily King and Sister Nancy.

Today at 1pm on Practically Speaking. Vocalo.org 89.5fm and 90.7fm

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02 / 25 / 13
Vocalo on WBEZ Ep 54 - Women on Gun Ownership, K.Flay, DJ Kid Cut Up

We know the reasons people own guns can vary as much as the opinions over what to do about gun violence. So it’s important to get as many perspectives as possible. In this episode we present a clip from WBEZ’s “Our Guns” series that looks at women who own guns for their own protection. Team Vocalo’s Molly Adams and Brian Babylon discuss the story and also hear from two listeners who share their thoughts on the gun control debate.

Also, rapper K.Flay is known for her electronic tinged brand of introspective Hip Hop. She’s currently on tour and had a show in Chicago this past week. Before her performance, she stopped by and spoke with Jesse Menendez about her new mix tape, West Ghost, her place in the Hip Hop continuum, her thoughts on feminism in music and more.

We conclude the episode as usual with an awesome DJ set. This time from Vocalo DJ Collective member Kid Cut Up. Tune in!

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01 / 22 / 13
Vocalo on WBEZ Ep. 49 - Martin Luther King Jr., Family Inc., Sidewalk Chalk
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In this episode: We commemorate the great thinker and civil right leader Martin Luther King Jr. with Luis and Shantell discussing one of his greatest speeches and pondering what he would be fighting for today if he were still alive.

Also, Author Caitlin Friedman found that with her busy home life with twins she was more at peace and comfortable at work. So she sat down with her husband Andrew, who was also stressed out by their household, and figured out how to run their family like a small business. She joined hosts Molly Adams and Brian Babylon by phone to talk about the ways office management in the kitchen and living room has freed up time for fun with her family.

Also, Chicago’s very own live Hip Hop collective Sidewalk Chalk share some live tunes (recorded in our performance studio) and talk to Jesse Menendez about their unique sound.

Finally, DJ Eves closes the show with a soulful mix.

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07 / 02 / 12


“We believe that all men are created equal. Yet many are denied equal treatment.

We believe that all men have certain unalienable rights. Yet many Americans do not enjoy those rights.

We believe that all men are entitled to the blessings of liberty. Yet millions are being deprived of those blessings—not because of their own failures, but because of the color of their skin.

The reasons are deeply imbedded in history and tradition and the nature of man. We can understand—without rancor or hatred—how this all happened.

But it cannot continue. Our Constitution, the foundation of our Republic, forbids it. The principles of our freedom forbid it. Morality forbids it. And the law I will sign tonight forbids it.”

-President Lyndon B. Johnson, 7/2/64

The Civil Rights Act was signed on forty eight years ago today. It was the most sweeping Civil Rights Legislation since Reconstruction.

In this photo, LBJ speaks to the nation at the signing ceremony.  East Room, White House.

(via morningamp)

Source: lbjlibrary.org

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