02 / 14 / 14
Barber Shop Show 153: February Mid-Month Mash Up


On this episode of The Barber Shop Show’s Mid-Month Mash Up, Windy City Times’ Tracy Baims, The Chicago Sun-Times’ Adrienne Samuels Gibbs, and The Chicago Reporter’s Maria Zamudio spoke about the latest news live from Carter’s Barber Shop.

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11 / 14 / 13


What has a host named Richard Steele and brings you good news, bad news and news that makes you go, “What the #@$!?”
The Barber Shop Show’s Mid Month Mash Up, of course!

Tomorrow, Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mary Mitchell, WBEZ senior editor Cate Cahan and Chicago Reporter’s own Yana Kunichoff join us live from Vocalo’s studio.

Tune in Friday at Noon on http://vocalo.org/player | 90.7 (CHI) | 89.5 (INDY). We’ll rebroadcast Saturday at Noon, too….

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10 / 21 / 13


Video courtesy of the Chicago Reporter.

More than a thousand people gathered Tuesday evening for the “Take Back Chicago” rally and town hall meeting at the University of Illinois at Chicago Forum. Members of various community organizations, activists and unions called attention to such issues as the minimum wage, affordable housing, a fair tax system, school closures and healthcare. Individuals asked their state representatives and local aldermen, several of whom were present, as well as Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn, to commit to tackling these issues and improving the quality of life for working families.

For more, go to their Chicago Muckrakers blog.

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09 / 13 / 13
Barber Shop Show 137: September Mid Month Mash Up


Every month, we check-in with our favorite local journalists and bloggers. We get their perspectives on the stories of the day. Then, they tell us about developments in local news that they liked, and ones they disliked. Lastly, they tell us those moments that made them go WTF!?!

This month, we talked about butlers in Dubai that make 6-figure incomes, $600,000 doors for the Illinois state Capitol building, and much more.

Joining us at the shop:
• Maria Zamudio of the Chicago Reporter
• Media legend Monroe Anderson
• Alex Keefe, Political Reporter, WBEZ.

Richard Steele was off for this installment, so Ayana Contreras hosted.

The Barber Shop Show streams on vocalo.org Fridays at Noon, with a repeat Saturdays at Noon. On-air, Chicago area listeners can tune into 89.5fm or 90.7fm.

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08 / 30 / 13
The Barbershop Show 135: The Crisis at Astor House


For this installment of The Barbershop Show, Host Richard Steele is joined by The Chicago Reporter’s Yana Kunichoff. They discuss her current feature on the Astor House, a high-rise in Rogers Park whose residents have been fighting for nearly a year to avoid eviction after a developer brought the building.

We also hear from Mark Swartz, legal director with the Lawyers Committee for Better Housing, Marc Kaplan, activist with Northside Action for Justice and Melvin Jennings a resident of the Astor House.

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08 / 20 / 13


From our partners at The Chicago Reporter:

When Joletta Jordan moved into a private rental on the southwestern edge of Chicago earlier this year, the single mother thought that her luck had finally turned. Jordan had just been reunited with her 7-year-old daughter after recuperating from surgery in a hospital, then a nursing home. Little did she know that their new apartment, which she rented with the help of a federal rent subsidy, known as a Housing Choice Voucher, would only add to their problems.

Within a matter of months, Jordan was back at the hospital. This time, her daughter was checked in because the mold growing in their apartment touched off an asthma attack. Then, sewage started to back up in their kitchen. In July, inspectors deemed the unit uninhabitable. We were there through her ordeal. Watch it unfold.

Joletta Jordan also joined us on the Barber Shop Show recently. You can catch her visit here:


(via barbershopshow)

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08 / 16 / 13

Barber Shop Show: The Barbershop Show: Speedy Removal f


We revisit a conversation that Host Richard Steele had with Maria Zamudio of The Chicago Reporter. They talk about Zamudio’s article "Speedy Removal," which details issues of deportation and immigration. They specifically focus on the US Government’s bypassing judicial hearings in an attempt…

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05 / 17 / 13


This week is our Mid-Month Mash Up on the Barber Shop Show. On this installment of the Barber Shop Show, we check-in with our favorite local journalists and bloggers. They told us about recent developments in the news that they liked and ones they disliked. Then they told us those moments that made them go WTF!?!

This week we’ll be joined by Glenn Readus of The Chicago Crusader 

and Maria Zamudio of the Chicago Reporter.

Plus, we’ll talk with WBEZ’s Bill Healy about the Mother’s Day Parade tragedy in New Orleans. He was there. He’ll share his thoughts on the story, and why he thinks it’s not getting the national news coverage that the Boston Marathon Bombing got.

illustration by Larry Roibal

The Barber Shop Show airs live from Carter’s Barber Shop in Chicago’s North Lawndale neighborhood on Fridays at Noon (CST) with a rebroadcast Saturdays at Noon. http:/vocalo.org 89.5fm (NWI/CHI) and 90.7fm (CHI).

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05 / 13 / 13


Video from a recent installment of the Barber Shop Show. We unpacked Yana Kunichoff’s article for the Chicago Reporter’s Muckrakers Blog, “Could the Mayor’s plan to stop drinking, public urination worsen crowding at Cook County Jail?” 

Plus, we talked to Maria Gaspar, Maria recently completed an audio documentary program through the Vocalo Storytellers Workshop. Her documentary unpacks the relationship between The Cook County Jail and the surrounding Little Village neighborhood. 

The Barber Shop Show airs live from Carter’s Barber Shop in Chicago’s North Lawndale neighborhood on Fridays at Noon. vocalo.org 89.5fm (NWI/CHI) and 90.7fm (CHI).

Video courtesy of The Chicago Reporter. 

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05 / 01 / 13
Report: More Money Spent on Incarceration than Education


In areas hit by CPS school closings, taxpayers have spent more money on incarceration than on education. We discuss. Angela Caputo of the Chicago Reporter joins Shantell & Luis live on the air to discuss the findings of the report along with ways that this realization impacts certain communities.

Source: SoundCloud / vocalo

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03 / 28 / 13

Barber Shop Show: Barber Shop Show 117: In Like a Lion... an End of March News Roundup f



In like a lion, out like a lamb. That’s what they say about weather in the month of March. Even though the weather seems to be turning around, it also seems as though the local news headlines still have quite a bit of “lion” left in them. On Friday’s Barber Shop Show, we’re checking in with:

· Linda Lutton, Education Reporter at our sister station WBEZ

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02 / 16 / 13
Barber Shop Show 111: February Mid-Month Mash Up



BSS Feb Mid-Month Mash Up: fave journalists & bloggers talk about recent stories they liked/disliked/made them go WTF?

This is our February Mid-Month Mash Up where we invite our favorite journalists and bloggers to talk about the recent headlines that they liked, disliked, or that made them go WTF?!

Joining us in this discussion:
Salvador Munoz, a blogger and a community activist with the Latin Community Housing Association of Humboldt Park.

Angela Caputo of the Chicago Reporter


Steve Bynum of WBEZ

In this installment, we talk about cruise ships, school closings, and foreclosures (among many other topics).

The Barber Shop Show airs live from Carter’s Barbershop in Chicago’s North Lawndale neighborhood on Fridays at 12pm CST. vocalo.org. Press play.

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02 / 02 / 13
Barber Shop Show 109: Youth Spearheading a Push Against Violence


On this installment of the Barber Shop Show we talked to Chicago Public Schools high school students Lily Moore and Diamond Trusty.

They are also investigative journalists through the Columbia Links program (through Columbia College Chicago). They are creating work with a strongly anti-violence message. We also talked with that program’s executive director, Brenda Butler.

Plus, we spoke with Carlos Javier Ortiz. He is a photographer working with the Chicago Reporter. He talked about some of the stories he’s encountered while capturing images for his “Too Young to Die” photo essay project.

He also spoke about the power of combining photo documentary projects like his with investigative journalism.

Source: SoundCloud / Vocalo's Barber Shop Show

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