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Tune in at 1pm! Coming up, an hour of music in Ladino on #BeatLatino!

Yes, that’s right LaDino, not Latino, but there’s a 500 year-old connection between the two, showing the power of music as a powerful tool to keep a culture alive.

This week’s selection for Beat Latino highlights contemporary music as well as pieces over 500 years old, beautiful, complex melodies which have kept alive the romance language of Ladino, language of the Iberian Jews expulsed in 1492 from their homeland Sefarad.

From Ladino folk songs to Sephardic Jazz to Ladino Rock, this hour of Beat Latino features unforgettable music from an unforgotten land. 

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04 / 04 / 14


This week, #BeatLatino shares new Latino music from around the globe- whether in Colombia, San Francisco, Brooklyn or Cuba,

Nuestros artistas continue to amaze us as they explore what it means to musically express our shared cultural legacy—Ani Cordero revisits Latin American music from the XX century that marked  social and political transitionsñ Cuban Alfredo Rodriguez takes on a classic tango giving it a jazzy new dress; London-based Cineplexx spins dreamy soundscapes, including one tune with fellow-Argentinean Natalia Clavier's help, Austin-based songstress Gina Chavez brings on the nu-cumbia en inglés. It’s an indefinable, indescribable, always surprising hour of sounds - just like us.

Tune in to #BeatLatino on Fridays at 1pm or Sundays at 11am on WRTE 90.7 (Chi), WBEW 89.5 (NWI/CHI), or vocalo.org (world) and enjoy!

Photograph: Cover of “up.rooted”, Gina Chávez’ new album

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