04 / 18 / 14
BSS 160: April's Mid-Month Mash-Up


On this week’s Barbershop Show we have the Mid-Month Mash-Up featuring:
• Susan Smith Richardson, Editor and Publisher of The Chicago Reporter
• Kathy Chaney, WBEZ Midday Producer
• Maria Zamudio, Reporter with The Chicago Reporter

We discuss Jabari Parker deciding to enter the NBA Draft after only one year at Duke, the closing of Nouveau Tavern, and many other interesting news topics from the last few weeks.

The Barber Shop Show airs on Fridays and Saturdays at Noon on 90.7FM and 89.5FM. You can also stream live at vocalo.org. The show also broadcasts on Sundays at 3pm on WBEZ.

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02 / 07 / 14


Listen in tomorrow at noon for this week’s installment of The Barbershop Show. Host Richard Steele discussed the state of education in Chicago and the new charter schools approved by the Chicago Public School board.

We are getting an update from WBEZ’s Linda Lutton & Becky Vevea. They’ve also got some tape to share.

We will also be joined by the following:

•                    Maudlyne Ihejirika, Urban Affairs Reporter at the Chicago Sun-Times

•                    Erica Swinney, Program Director of Manufacturing Renaissance at Austin Polytechnical Academy

•                    Jeralmiah Garmon, a 2012 Polytech Grad who’s successfully transitioned into a job through the program)

•                    Angelica Alfaro, a  Noble Charter alumna from Noble’s first graduating class of 2003. She now works at Noble doing parent engagement and advocacy  

Tune in live Fridays at noon on www.vocalo.org | 90.7 (CHI) | 89.5 (NWI).

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09 / 05 / 13

Barber Shop Show: Barbershop Show 136: Who Helps Ex-Offenders f



For this installment of the Barbershop Show, Richard Steele speaks with Sheryl Abel. Abel heads H.O.P.E., an organization dedicated to helping female ex-offenders get back on their feet. Sheryl shares her story of how her past led her to helping women make better decisions. Reverend Valerie…

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08 / 30 / 13
The Barbershop Show 135: The Crisis at Astor House


For this installment of The Barbershop Show, Host Richard Steele is joined by The Chicago Reporter’s Yana Kunichoff. They discuss her current feature on the Astor House, a high-rise in Rogers Park whose residents have been fighting for nearly a year to avoid eviction after a developer brought the building.

We also hear from Mark Swartz, legal director with the Lawyers Committee for Better Housing, Marc Kaplan, activist with Northside Action for Justice and Melvin Jennings a resident of the Astor House.

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08 / 29 / 13

Barber Shop Show: The Barbershop Show 135: Otis Clay & More f



Photo: africanfestivalchicago.com

Richard has a couple of celebrities in the shop with him this week. Singer and musician Otis Clay, along with Actress and Model Drew Sidora stop by! They’re in town for the 2013 African Festival of the Arts which takes place this weekend.

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08 / 23 / 13

Barber Shop Show: The Barbershop Show 134: Neighborhood Perceptions f



There’s a common theme when it comes to coverage of communities of color in Chicago. For the most part, major media outlets highlight stories of gun violence and crime, with little to no room for stories that portray the community in a positive light.

Members of the Englewood community cite…

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08 / 16 / 13

Barber Shop Show: The Barbershop Show: Speedy Removal f


We revisit a conversation that Host Richard Steele had with Maria Zamudio of The Chicago Reporter. They talk about Zamudio’s article "Speedy Removal," which details issues of deportation and immigration. They specifically focus on the US Government’s bypassing judicial hearings in an attempt…

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07 / 16 / 13


Each week, Host Richard Steele heads down to Carter’s Barbershop in North Lawndale. This past week, he was joined by WBEZ’s Rob Wildeboer, The Chicago Reporter’s Maria Zamudio and The Gate Newspaper’s Adriana Cardona. The reporters discussed their picks for the month and touched on the recent violence epidemic that is plaguing the city. 

The Barbershop Shows airs live each Friday at noon at Carter’s Barbershop located at 3620 W. Cermak. 

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02 / 23 / 13
Barber Shop Show 112: It Gets Better? Teddy Ferrara & Issues the Play Brings to Life



Barber Shop Show 112: It Gets Better? Teddy Ferrara & issues the play brings to life that young LGBT people often face.

Joining us at the shop: Adam Poss and Rashaad Hall, actors in the Goodman Theater’s production of Teddy Ferrara.

Also with us: Kim Hunt of Affinity (a South Side of Chicago based LGBT advocacy group, Shannon Sullivan of Illinois Safe Schools Alliance, and Fresco Steez, a 21 year old LGBT youth advocate who’s been working with various organizations since she was 13.

Source: ayanacontreras / Vocalo's Barber Shop Show

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01 / 31 / 13

Barber Shop Show: Barber Shop Show 109: Youth Spearheading a Push Against Violence f


On Friday’s Barber Shop Show we’ll talk to Chicago Public Schools High School students who are also investigative journalists through the Columbia Links program. They are creating work with a strongly anti-violence message.We’ll also talk with that program’s executive director, Brenda Butler.

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01 / 18 / 13
Barber Shop Show 107: January Mid-Month Mash Up



We checked in with 2 of our favorite local journalists who told us about news they liked/disliked/ made them say WTF?!

We also talked about the Listener’s Choice story: The recently uncovered video of a 35 year old homeless man’s 2010 death. He was allegedly caught shoplifting toothpaste at a CVS Pharmacy in Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood. The store manager was caught on tape strangling the homeless man, who ultimately died. No one was charged in the man’s death.

Listeners voted using a poll on the Chicago Reporter’s Chicago Muckrakers blog.

Join us live at Carter’s - 3622 W Cermak Road, or follow the conversation online.

Via twitter - @vocalo or @chicagoreporter

Or give us a call at 888-635-1112 and let us know what’s on your

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01 / 17 / 13

The January Mid-Month Mash: Voice your Choice f



This week is our Mid-Month Mash, where we check in with our favorite local Bloggers and Journalists. They tell us about the local headlines that they liked, disliked, or that made them say WTF?!

Have you heard a story that made your temperature rise? Did it bring a smile to your face? Let us know what stories you’d like to hear about on this week’s Barber Shop Show. Vote using the poll on the Chicago Reporter’s Chicago Muckrakers blog.

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01 / 10 / 13


On this week’s Barber Shop Show we unpack the Gay Marriage versus Civil Union debate from the point of view of families: especially families with children. 

According to an article on MSNBC.com,

“Among the barriers and inequities they face…:

—Because of lack of legal recognition for their unions, gay and lesbian parents can face heavier tax burdens, higher costs for health insurance, and diminished financial protections in the event of death or disability.

—When same-sex parents separate, one parent may lose custody or visitation rights, even in cases where he or she had been a child’s primary caregiver.”

We’ll be tallking with: Ray Koenig III - an attorney and a gay activist who specializes in family law, civil unions, gay adoptions; James L. Bennett - Midwest Regional Director of
Lambda Lega
l; and Vernita- who is in a civil union with Pat, and has had to navigate some issues with hospitalization and partner rights.

Click here to read the complete article excerpted above.

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11 / 02 / 12
Barber Shop Show 99: WTM?! Or Where are the Moderates?

In this week’s installment we asked “Where’s the Moderate?” in Mainstream News Coverage. With us at the shop was Delmarie Cobb, Political Publicist; and Lee Walker.

Delmarie is a self-described “bleeding heart liberal” who is not necessarily an Obama Booster, while Lee is a self-avowed Black Conservative who is friends with Clarence Thomas… but just might vote for Obama this time around.

Coming to you live each week from Carter’s Barber Shop in Chicago’s North Lawndale neighborhood, The Barber Shop Show is your weekly dose of real talk, straight from the shop floor. No punches are pulled and no topic is considered off-topic. Hosted by the Chicago Reporter’s Kimbriell Kelly and WBEZ’s Richard Steele. Produced by Ayana Contreras and Directed by Sarah Lu.

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10 / 19 / 12
If you missed our show earlier.  Don’t worry, we’ll have the podcast up and running soon.

Live from BSS 97, pictured are Michael Puente (of WBEZ), Richard Steele (of WBEZ), and Elly Fishman (of the Chicago Magazine). talking about stories in the local news that they Like, Dislike, or make them simply say WTF?! What are yours? http://vocalo.org/player
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If you missed our show earlier.  Don’t worry, we’ll have the podcast up and running soon.


Live from BSS 97, pictured are Michael Puente (of WBEZ), Richard Steele (of WBEZ), and Elly Fishman (of the Chicago Magazine). talking about stories in the local news that they Like, Dislike, or make them simply say WTF?! What are yours? http://vocalo.org/player

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