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04 / 04 / 14



The Barbershop Show, which airs live on Fridays at noon from Carter’s Barber Shop in North Lawndale, will be rebroadcast on our sister station, WBEZ 91.5fm, Sundays at 3pm starting April 6.   Hosted by veteran WBEZ personality Richard Steele, the Barbershop Show  has aired live on  Vocalo (WBEW) 89.5fm & 90.7fm and, and has been produced in partnership with The Chicago Reporter, since the fall of 2010. With his legendary conversational skills and knowledge of Chicago’s diverse communities, each week Steele moderates a dialogue about issues that impact our community, joined by journalists, activists, academics, and regular people alike.  

The Barbershop Show is produced by Ayana Contreras, and is available as a free podcast in the WBEZ iTunes store.

 “With the rebroadcast of ‘The Barber Shop Show’ on WBEZ, the relationship between the sister stations- Vocalo and WBEZ – continues to grow.  There is an abundance of talent in the Chicago Public Media pool, and it’s great when reporters, personalities and producers are able to share their experience with listeners at both institutions. Richard certainly embodies this spirit – he’s been on-air and behind the scenes at WBEZ for more than 25 years and brings such gravitas to Vocalo and its distinct neighborhood focus,” said Silvia Rivera, Vocalo Managing Director.

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08 / 09 / 13
Barbershop Show 133: Mid Month Mashup


Host Richard Steele is joined by some of the region’s top reporters for the “Mid Month Mash Up.” WBEZ’s Mike Puente, Maudlyne Ihejirika of the Chicago Sun-Times and Gabriel Piemonte of the Hyde Park Herald share stories that they liked, disliked and some that just made them go “WTF.” Stories in the discussion include the recent purchase of the Washington Post by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and the very bizarre discover of a Millikin University professor’s dark past.

Source: SoundCloud / Vocalo's Barber Shop Show

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07 / 02 / 12

Lessons from Lord Nation: How Gangs can Bring Peace? f

Did you miss the Barber Show last Friday?


Did you miss BSS 84? Listen with the link above.

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04 / 19 / 12

Checkolini Martinez!


Real playas say: “Checkolini Martinez.”

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04 / 19 / 12

Chess, anyone?


Barbers playing chess at Big Gs barber shop in Colesville, MD

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04 / 13 / 12

Marvin Gaye vintage. 

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03 / 27 / 12


Barber Shop Show guests Claudia Garcia-Rojas and Lenny McAllister explain how they believe George Zimmerman can be brought to justice. Video by The Chicago Reporter’s Yana Kunichoff. #TrayvonMartin #race #usprisonculture

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