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12 / 10 / 13
Who Asked You? Terry McMillan Discusses Her Latest Work, Her Critics and Kanye West
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I’m a lot smarter than that. I know how to be critical in an intelligent way so as to insult them [The New York Times]. Which is what I am going to do. […] They knew what kind of acclaim that my book was getting and so they chose to focus on my personal life, my ex-husband, they said things that weren’t true – things that they knew about my ex-husband that reportedly I did not know. It was a personal attack. Iit was tacky as hell. It’s not a book review. They were reviewing my personal life. And my personal life has nothing to do with this book. I resented it.

- Terry McMillan on Alex Kuczynski’s review of her book.

Known for her humor and warmth, author Terry McMillan explores how family comforts and confuses us in her latest book, Who Asked You? Terry joined the AMp hosts Brian Babylon and Molly Adams this morning by phone as she talked about the novel, how she maintains such a steady output, what life looks like from the top of the bestseller list and how to handle your biggest critics and not break into outbursts - like Kanye West.

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09 / 17 / 13
The Value of Debt


When it comes to living in the red, people can be either be in over their heads or completely debt adverse without a credit card to their name. Wealth strategist Tom Anderson’s new book The Value of Debt tries to find the balance between the two, enacting corporate strategies for personal finance. Tom joined the AMp hosts Brian Babylon and Molly Adams by phone this morning as he discussed the book and beyond.

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05 / 31 / 13
Deeply Odd: A Morning with Dean Koontz


I really say it comes down to this…God gave us free will, right or wrong. If you give the characters free will, and let them show themselves to you, and explain themselves, they take over the story. And it gets very eerie sometimes. People go by my office door here, and I’ll be laughing out loud at something a character said or occasionally, I’ll be in tears because of something that’s happened. And I guess someday they’ll put me in an institution but that hasn’t happened yet.”

-Dean Koontz, New York Times Bestselling author

With 25 different books reaching #1 on the New York Times Bestseller list, the prolific author Dean Koontz joined AMp hosts Brian Babylon and Molly Adams this morning to talk about his experience as one of the most recognizable names in American fiction and his latest book, “Deeply Odd,” which is a story about a clairvoyant young man who tries to prevent crime that hasn’t happened yet.

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05 / 20 / 13
Man 2.0 : The Return of Man Monday with Jon Romaniello


So for us [ men], being the Alpha - it’s not about being the alpha man. It’s not about being the most dominate man in the group. It’s simply about being the best version of yourself, so whatever that means,whatever things you want to work on,those are the things that are most important, and it’snot just about being more confident,or making more money,or being better looking than other men, it’s about being the most confident that you can be, making the most money that you deserve and changing the body so you can be better looking for you.And taking people from a comparative mindset to a mindset of intrinsic motivation, is really one of the goals of the book.”
- John Romaniello, author of Man 2.0

Like the great Grizzly Bear that it is, Man Monday has slept through the winter. It returned with a vengeance this morning when AMp hosts Brian Babylon and Molly Adams spoke with fitness guru John Romaniello about the methods he espoused in his book with the manliest title of all time, Man 2.0: Engineering the Alpha.

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02 / 26 / 13

Overdrive (Weekdays 4-6 PM): Cash Money Tuesday f


Healthy Schools Campaign: Improving the public school system is a complex issue because there’s so many things that can be focused on. We speak with Guillermo Gomez, Vice President of Internal Affairs for the Healthy Schools Campaign. He’ll discuss this week’s “Principal’s Breakfast for School Wellness” Event and…

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