09 / 05 / 14
Tim Mcllrath speaks on how social justice and activism inform the music of Rise Against


Tim Mcllrath is the front man of political punk rock group Rise Against. He joined Jesse Menendez on The MusicVox to talk about their 7th studio album The Black Market, and how social justice and activism inform the band’s music. He also treated us to a special acoustic performance of “People Live Here,” and “Hero of War.”

Rise Against perform 9/11 at Aragon Ballroom and 9/12 at Riot Fest.

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05 / 15 / 14
The Good Doctor Coya Paz Weighs in On Slacktivism, Jay-Z, and More


We learned a new term thanks to Coya Paz: Slacktivism. Dr. Paz believes that signing a petition or hashtagging a cause on twitter is ineffective, especially in regards to the viral campaign #bringbackourgirls. Jay-Z, Solange Knowles, parenting, and sex are all topics du jour as well.

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03 / 20 / 14
Israel, Palestine, and American Academia


Yesterday the student government at Loyola University Chicago passed a resolution asking the University to divest from companies that are complicit or aid in the Israeli occupation of the West Bank or Gaza. The same day, a bill was reintroduced in the Illinois senate to pull funds from any university that is boycotting any country in the OECD, which Israel is. We are joined by listener Max Geller of Students for Justice in Palestine at Northeastern in Boston, whose chapter was recently suspended, to talk about the ideological tension on the issue on American campuses.

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02 / 27 / 14
Worldview's Jerome McDonnell Talks About The Global Activism Expo with The Morning AMp


Our friend Jerome McDonnell, host of Worldview, wants to invite you to this year’s Global Activism Expo Part 1 at the Chicago Cultural Center. This year they are focusing on India, from food to dance to social activism.

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11 / 21 / 13
Awareness For the Long Haul


Last Saturday, November 16th, activist NichoDavid embarked on an over 700-mile bike trip from Chicago to Atlanta with one goal: to raise awareness for youth violence, critical thinking, and obesity. Reporter Renata Sago spoke to him before his trip and joined the AMp’s Brian Babylon and Molly Adams this morning to share his story.

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11 / 06 / 13
Practically Speaking 32: Unpacking Mental Illness


On the this installment of Practically Speaking, we unpacked the hidden epidemic of mental illness in the Black community, why some people of color believe that counseling is for white folks, and why some are still so loathe to talk about needing help. You’ll hear from N’Dana Carter, a Black woman and mental health activist who is not ashamed to say that she has struggled with depression for years.

For fresh episodes of Practically Speaking tune in Fridays at 11am on vocalo.org/90.7FM(Chi)/89.5(Indy)

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10 / 21 / 13
'63 Boycott: The Legacy of Student Protest in Chicago Schools


Associate director ‘63 Boycott’ Tracye Matthews, and Brandon Johnson of the black caucus of the Chicago Teachers Union join hosts Molly Adams and Brian Babylon to discuss the legacy of student activism in Chicago.

Before the Teacher’s Union strike in 2012, the largest organized protest against the Chicago Public Schools was a 1963 student boycott that involved 200,000 young people. Kartemquin Films will be screening a version of their new film ‘63 Boycott.

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02 / 26 / 13

Overdrive (Weekdays 4-6 PM): Cash Money Tuesday f


Healthy Schools Campaign: Improving the public school system is a complex issue because there’s so many things that can be focused on. We speak with Guillermo Gomez, Vice President of Internal Affairs for the Healthy Schools Campaign. He’ll discuss this week’s “Principal’s Breakfast for School Wellness” Event and…

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09 / 14 / 12
The Legendary MC Lyte


Shantell had the honor of speaking with the legendary MC Lyte while she was in town promoting her new book “Unstoppable.” The hip hop pioneer and lyricist talks frankly about hip hop then and now, navigating the world of fame and her philanthropic efforts to give back to the community.

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