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03 / 06 / 14
Project Fierce Chicago is A Start Up Dedicated To Uplifting Homeless LGBT Youths


To address the disproportionate rates of LGBT youth homelessness, and the lack of housing for them in all neighborhoods, a group of mental health professionals and volunteers have come together to form Project Fierce Chicago. Team member Cassandra Avenatti shares their plans to purchase a home in the South or West side and convert it to a transitional living home.

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02 / 10 / 14
Brainstorming the Mind of a Teenager


Teens! What are they doing and WHY are they doing it? Neuro-Psychologist Daniel Siegel joined the AMp hosts Brian Babylon and Molly Adams by phone this morning as he got into the chemical processes of adolescent brains in his new book Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain. He also reassured us that while they may exasperate us, young people have a LOT going on between their ears.

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11 / 25 / 13
'Free Spirit Media' And The Power Of Youth Programming on 'The AMp!'


Free Spirit Media founder Jeff McCarter and ‘HoopsHIGH’ alum Elizabeth Preston joins ‘Morning Amp’ hosts Molly Adams and Brian Babylon as they celebrate their 500th episode of programing. The Free Spirit Media program has young people producing every aspect of a sports telecast for CAN TV.

Elizabeth describes her passion for video production and how she’s been able to grow within her field. Brian and Molly delve into the importance of having media programs for youth.

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06 / 12 / 13
High school students are "cooking up change" in national competition


Karen: “We had to meet certain requirements as to food. We couldn’t use butter or salt.”
Luis and Shantell: “NO BUTTER, NO SALT?!”
Luis: “That’s all I cook with! Every day!”

Luis and Shantell had five culinary arts students from George Washington High School. The students in studio: Leonard Gutierrez, Leon Sanchez, Marina Nava, Vanessa Arnold, and Karen Rivera are competing in the national “Cooking Up Change” competition in the nation’s capital. The students talk about the big competition, their favorite dishes to make, and their celebrity inspirations. They even give some culinary advice to Luis and Shantell.

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05 / 30 / 13
Free Spirit Media Haven for Networking and Digital Skills for Today's Youth


It’s transformative to be out in different settings. Like I heard you mention earlier, we saw Brian Babylon earlier a couple years ago at the TEDx conference and to be able to bring a film crew to that, and some other young people to check it out , it blows their minds to come downtown. […] To kind of spread one’s wings, broaden one’s horizons, meet a diverse set of people to see some stuff and interact, and learn how to talk to a range of people, think critically, hear different sides and just see that the world really is a big place - and that it’s connected as well that you have a network that can grow.”

- Jeff McCarter - Founder and Executive Director of Free Spirit Media

For over a decade, Free Spirit Media has helped young people develop skills in digital production for film and television. Founder and Executive Director Jeff McCarter joined the AMp hosts Molly Adams and Brian Babylon in the studio this morning about how he’s seen this experience change young people’s direction and career.

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04 / 30 / 13
Members of Free Street Theater talk "DOPE"


“DOPE follows the life of a joint from seed to eventual consumption. Created and performed by youth age 13-19, DOPE is fast, funny and unapologetic look at the USA’s most controversial drug.”

Above is a description of Free Street Theater’s newest production, “DOPE: 420 Stories About Pot, Weed, Khush, Prisons, Parents, and People”. Though it seems like an adult conversation, producers of the play point out that many teens face consumption of this drug every day. Now they are bringing the conversation to the stage. Luis and Shantell talk with several members of the Free Street Theater about the mission of their theater and this particular show. 

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04 / 26 / 13

Overdrive (Weekdays 4-6 PM): Critic for a Minute Friday f


Man About Town: Terrence Chappell, nightlife and society columnist for Chicago Pride, gives us a rundown of must attend events this weekend.

Free Street Presents: Free Street Theater Organizer Coya Paz along with participants Yvonne Coleman & Alfonso Smith join us in studio. The…

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04 / 15 / 13

Overdrive (Weekdays 4-6 PM): Miscellaneous Monday f


Voices from Around the Way:Today is the last day to file your state and federal tax returns. A couple of weeks ago, we heard some useful advice from Charles Schwab’s Brennan Miller on how to make the most of your refund. Today voices from around the way tell us what they will do with the…

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04 / 08 / 13
Vocalo on WBEZ Ep. 60 - Feminine Comique, Mutts, Sadar Bahar

In this episode: Stand-up comedy can be a male-dominated world, but one group in Chicago is making sure funny women have their voices heard. The Feminine Comique is a beginners course in stand-up comedy exclusively for women. The course was created by Cameron Esposito and classes are taught by Chicago comedian Kelsie Huff. Kelsie joins hosts Molly Adams and Brian Babylon in the studio to talk about the challenges of starting out in comedy and the boys-club world of open mic nights.

Also, Dr. Carl Bell is the Director of the Institute for Juvenile Research, and Professor in the Department of Psychiatry in the School of Medicine at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Dr. Bell talks with Luis and Shantell about the violence among youths in communities and the factors that contribute towards it. According to Dr. Bell, the issue goes far beyond easy access to guns and alcohol; there are a myriad of psychological, sociocultural, biological, and developmental factors that may contribute contribute towards the manifestation of anger and violence.

Chicago’s rock trio Mutts, is known for dirty, grungy guitar distortions and loud in-your-face blues rock. But on their newest album, Object Permanence, you’ll hear none of that. Mike Maimone’s guttural vocals take the center of attention, delivering poignant social commentary over stripped down, unplugged arrangements. The band joined Jesse Menendez on The MusicVox to talk about the new songs and the change of sound.

Lastly, DJ Sadar Bahar throws it down on 1’s and 2’s with a deep disco, underground house, and Afro Beat mix.

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04 / 05 / 13
Dr. Carl Bell On Violence Among Youths


Dr. Carl Bell is the Director of the Institute for Juvenile Research, and Professor in the Department of Psychiatry in the School of Medicine at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Dr. Bell talks with Luis and Shantell about the violence among youths in communities and the factors that contribute towards it. According to Dr. Bell, the issue goes far beyond easy access to guns and alcohol; there are a myriad of psychological, sociocultural, biological, and developmental factors that may contribute contribute towards the manifestation of anger and violence.

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03 / 30 / 13
Goodman Theatre Young Critics: Measure for Measure


“It’s Shakespeare, but it’s real and gritty…not what you’d expect from a Shakespeare play.”

The Goodman Theatre is currently showing Shakespeare’s dark comedy, Measure for Measure. Their adaptation is edgy, sexy, and full of dirty, dirty corruption.So exactly how many pearls will it make you clutch? Three teenagers (Judith, Kaia, and Maddie) from the Goodman Theatre’s Young Critics group share their thoughts.

Young Critics is a joint venture between the Goodman Theatre and the Association for Women Journalists. It introduces young women to theater criticism and the world of professional writing.

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03 / 29 / 13

Overdrive (Weekdays 4-6 PM): Overdrive Weekdays 4-6pm Central Time: Peace Prize Thursday f


Rap About Rape:A Rick Ross song is stirring up controversy. Critics argue that the artist all but endorses date rape drugs. Do the lyrics promote date rape? We discuss.

The Impact of School Closures: David Stovall is a Professor of Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He…

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03 / 29 / 13

Overdrive Weekdays 4-6pm Central Time: Critic for a Minute Friday

Man About Town: We take a break from talking about parties and learn a bit more about our man about town Terrence Chappell. Chicago Pride’s nightlife and society columnist talks about his latest article "My South Side." 

Dance 4 Peace: Vershawn Sanders is the Artistic Director of Red Clay Dance. She along with student ensemble member Tevin Rice stop by to talk about the company and their upcoming event "Dance 4 Peace" which showcases and celebrates some of the city’s best youth dance groups in the Chicagoland area.

Story from Around the Way: This week, Brooke tells us a story about risky behavior. The story is brought to us by "Grown Folks Stories" a monthly story-telling event hosted by Cara Brigandi.

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03 / 14 / 13
Sticks and Stones: Slate's Emily Bazelon on Cyberbullying


“We want to take this problem seriously because it is a serious problem. It’s linked to depression and anxiety and other long and short term harm, but the question I ask is whether we want punishment to be the driving response we have. Should we always be reacting or should we really be putting our resources and energy into preventing?” -Emily Bazelon

Journalist Emily Bazelon’s new book, Sticks and Stones is about bullying in the digital age. Emily joins hosts Molly Adams and Brian Babylon to talk about cyberbullying and the media’s sensational take on the ‘bullying epidemic’ and its connections to teen suicide.

Caller Jeremy gives us a local connection with his non-profit, Chicago Playworks, which tries to teach kids healthy patterns of interaction by providing structured play at recess.

Emily Bazelon is a senior editor at Slate, a contributing writer at the New York Times Magazine, and the Truman Capote Fellow for Creative Writing and Law at Yale Law School.

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03 / 06 / 13
The Fear of Growing Old: WBEZ Blogger Leah Pickett and listeners weigh in


Joining hosts Brian Babylon and Molly Adams on Feminist Wednesday is Leah Pickett, blogger for WBEZ and Pop ‘stache. Leah recently wrote a piece titled, “‘Old talk’ is the new fat talk,” which discusses the trend of young 20-somethings talking about getting old. She writes, “We also fear that one day we will become one of them: old, irrelevant, and worst of all, undesirable.” Some of our older and wiser listeners, Sonya and Jo Ann, call in and give us their take on growing old and why we shouldn’t fear it at all!

Here’s a slice of Jo Ann’s definition of menopause: “…when women finally come into their full power. Because you are not subjected to the roller coaster ride of the fertility cycle. So you can gather all that chi and put it into whatever you what in life, rather than dealing with that, which takes a lot of energy.”

Brian’s response? “That sounds like Dragon Ball Z!”

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