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04 / 17 / 14
A Long Walk Home: Helping Women Heal Overcome Everyday Violence
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We continue our conversation about everyday violence faced by women and girls when we are going by Sangheetha Ravichandran and Larrinita Starks, a staff member and youth leader with A Long Walk Home. ALWH uses art therapy and visual and performing arts to help girls heal from violence and to seek ends to it.

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04 / 17 / 14
Let's Get Real: Is Colorblind Ideology a form of Racism?
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The AMp hosts Brian Babylon and Molly Adams (along with a few callers) kicked off the show with some real table talk! Stephen Colbert satirizes white liberalism by saying he “can’t be racist because I don’t see color.” But psychologists say colorblindness has similar effects to racist beliefs: it keeps the “colorblind” person from recognizing and more importantly, valuing, individual difference.

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04 / 16 / 14
Reclaimed Soul: Slow Jams and Groovers
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On this episode of Reclaimed Soul we dive into some groovy slow jams, by artists like The Lost Generation, Linda Jones, and Lee Charles.
Plus, we hear a special 1970s Chicago Kiddie Soul mini-mix featuring the Eight Minutes, North, South, East & West, Love’s Children, and more.

For fresh episodes of Reclaimed Soul, listen in Thursdays at 8pm CST on, or tune in to 89.5fm (NW Indy) and 90.7fm (CHI)

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04 / 15 / 14
Practically Speaking Episode 48: The Immigrant Advantage
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Is there truly a difference in the rates of success for the American-born children of recent immigrants versus Americans who are several generations removed from their immigrant roots? Among communities of color, this phenomenon of instilling specific cultural and ethnic values on American-born children is especially prevalent.

In this episode, we explored the distinct cultural differences between first generation children of immigrants and whether their cultural upbringing and norms have a palpable impact on their rates of academic and professional success.

Ruell Rogers, a professor at Northwestern, spoke about the differences between African American and Black Immigrant dichotomy. Alex Thibodeau conducted an interview with good friend, Harluxsh, who discussed the pressures from his Indian immigrant parents to succeed, and host Audra Wilson spoke with her Jamaican father, who shared his hopes and dreams for his two children and grandchildren.

Tune in Friday at 11am on | 89.5 (NWI) | 90.7 (CHI)

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04 / 15 / 14
Vinyl Economics: Why Record Stores are Not Dead
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The annual celebration of the small, local record store is here and the AMp hosts Brian Babylon and Molly Adams spoke with Kevin Starke, owner of K. Starke Records in West Town/Humboldt Park about dealing, collecting, and the constant hunt for new customers.

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04 / 15 / 14
Shinola: The Key to Detroit Economy?
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Can the Motor City (and the Second City) find some economic relief by returning to its manufacturing roots? WBEZ’s Lauren Chooljian joined the AMp hosts Brian Babylon and Molly Adams to share her report on Shinola, a watch, bikes, and leather company based in downtown Detroit that advertises in the pages of Vogue and does business with the Horween Leather Company in Chicago.

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04 / 14 / 14
What is Hip? ...Pets! and Profit!
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Each week our trends expert Tim Barnes tells us what we need to be doing to be cool, and today it’s getting a pet and spending a ridiculous amount of money on it. Or STEALING a pet and re-selling it for profit. Evil!

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04 / 14 / 14
NWI Report: Gay Marriage, Immigration, and Oil Spills
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WBEZ reporter Mike Puente checked in with hosts Molly Adams and Brian Babylon with his NWI report. This segment focused on the recent opposition to an immigrant detention center in Hobart, a judicial override to the legislature’s gay marriage ban, and the current status of Chicago’s own little BP oil spill.

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04 / 11 / 14
BSS 159: Anthony Dansberry & The Human Cost Of Detainment
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Anthony Dansberry has served nearly half of his life behind bars. Now, his fate might ride on something unpredictable: the gubernatorial election. On today’s show, we unpack the case, and we explore the human toll of detainment.

Our guests on the show are:
- Jane Raley of the Center for Wrongful Convictions, lead counsel on the case, as well as
- Susan Swanson (private investigator on the case) and
- Margaret Soffin (attorney on the case).
- Juliana Stratton, the Executive Director of the Cook County Justice Advisory Council

Source: SoundCloud / Vocalo's Barber Shop Show

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04 / 11 / 14
This is Hip Face Off: Brian Vs. Molly
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Each week interns Tanna Solberg and Zach Swezy go head-to-head in a musical competition where they each bring a track to be judged. In this segment, the tables turned and hosts Molly Adams and Brian Babylon were put on the chopping block. Molly brought a Los Rakas track and Brian went old/new school with a Billie Holiday/Chaz Bundick remix. The pair also got a personalized and badly photoshopped photo!

Source: SoundCloud / vocalo

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04 / 09 / 14
Vocalo On WBEZ Ep. 100 - Life and Legacy of Frankie Knuckles
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In this episode we’re going to be doing things a bit differently. We’re still going to bring you music, stories and conversations but they are all going to be focused on the life and legacy of the Godfather of House music - Frankie Knuckles, who recently passed away at the age of 59. Tune in to hear Chicago DJ Jesse De La Pena talk about Frankie’s impact on dance music, then hear his conversation with the man himself and finally we close the show with a special mix from Mr. Knuckles.

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04 / 09 / 14

My name is Silvia and I’m a hater.

Hi, I’m Silvia, Managing Director of Vocalo.

I often find myself saying things like:
  • I hate the way big media portrays our communities.
  • I hate the way that commercial radio stations play the same songs over and over again.
  • I hate that big media doesn’t engage our communities on issues that impact them on a day-to-day basis.
  • I hate that big media doesn’t celebrate our cultural diversity.
  • I’m a hater.
But let me tell you what I do love. Vocalo.

Vocalo is a special type of media. We’re the change we wish to see in our media landscape. We’re a service dedicated to engaging our communities with thoughtful discussions and diverse cultural expressions. We create our programming with you (and us) in mind.

If you love Vocalo too, I’m asking you to show us some love. I need 150 people to step up for Vocalo by this Friday and make a donation. We’ve already heard from 47, and now I need to hear from you. 

Plus, if you make a $4 a month donation, we’ll show you some love by giving you a ticket to our celebratory end of pledge drive event this Friday night, the #hatersball. The party will take place at the Chop Shop and will feature music from JC Brooks, the Vocalo DJ Collective and DJ Ayana Contreras. You’ll also get to nosh on some delicious food and enjoy craft cocktails from Johnny Costello of the Berkshire Room.

Most importantly, you’ll get to meet the most dynamic team in public media. We love what we do, and hope you do too.



Silvia Rivera
Manager Director

P.S. You can donate online right here.

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04 / 09 / 14
Portrait Of An Intern As A Young Male Feminist: The Little Mermaid
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Hosts Vivian Mikhail and Brian Babylon bring intern Kevin Garcia to discuss the buzz of Sofia Coppola taking the director’s chair for a grittier interpretation of Christian Andersen’s classic story. Also, Kevin goes through the evolution of Disney’s princesses and how Ariel played a great role in the positive turnaround for female protagonists in Disney films.

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04 / 09 / 14
Food Fight: Monica Eng Vs. CPS
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WBEZ reporter Monica Eng joined the Morning AMp to talk about her story on the Chicago Public Schools lunch menu ingredients. She updated hosts Brian Babylon and Vivian Mikhail on the situation after she contacted both the distributor and CPS and received little to no information about the ingredients used.

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04 / 08 / 14

Do you hate the way other media outlets portray our communities?  Are you sick of the Top 40 stations?  Do you love the fresh music and perspectives @Vocalo brings you?  Show @vocalo some love today. 

Anyone who donates *any amount* to us today gets four tickets to the Chicago History Museum and a subscription to The Atlantic. What a deal! And if you go for $4/month or $48 one time, you also get a ticket to the #HatersBall on Friday night where we will get responsibly crunk with cocktails and snacks on the house and live and spun music all night! Go to 

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