07 / 08 / 13
Vocalo On WBEZ Episode 73 - Little Village & Cook County Jail, Man Bites Dog, Jonny 5 & DJ Mark Mack

In this episode: We talk community, culinary arts and activism in music. Vocalo Storytelling Workshop participant Maria Gasper brings us an audio documentary on the Cook County Jail’s relationship with Little Village.

Next, Culinary Historian and author of the book “Man Bites Dog: Hot Dog Culture in America” along with Photographer Patty Carroll join Shantell Jamison & Luis Perez of Team Vocalo. They talk about their book which tells a history of hot dogs in not just Chicago, but in America.

Later, hip hop group FlowBots founder Jonny 5 speaks with Jesse Menendez about their standout hit “Handlebars” their relationship with the term revolution and their work with Denver’s at-risk youth.

We feature a Civil Rights inspired mix by UK DJ/Producer Mark Mack.

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11 / 13 / 12
Vocalo on WBEZ Ep. 39 - Gaycism, Dead Prez, Big Once
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In this episode: After a long, contentious campaign, Barack Obama won re-election as president of the United States. The president delivered his victory speech to throngs of supporters at McCormick Place convention center. Team Vocalo’s Shantell Jamison was on-location for us, and she talked to several of the President’s supporters about what his re-election meant to them.

Also, Morning AMp’s Molly brings us a conversation that intern Nick Passarelli had with Nico Lang, founder of the online queer blog, In Our Words&rt; They spoke about the concept of “gaycism” on TV.

Hip hop duo Dead Prez has used their music to bring attention to many issues, including corrupt politics, race, economics, and freedom. Their new album Information Age expounds on the liberation that develops from inner consciousness. Jesse Menendez spoke with MCs M-1 and Stic.man about how their new enlightenment formed their new album and altered their sound.

Finally, Vocalo DJ Collective member Big Once has a Presidential Mix for us. Tune in!

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05 / 05 / 12

Vocalo on WBEZ (5.5.12)

Did you miss our show? We got you.

Segment A

Racist or not Racist?

Molly and Brian got a call from Courtney, whose fifth grader niece is performing with a ballet troupe that asked every girl in the company to wear “nude” colored tights, and to slick back their hair in a tight ponytail. We asked the question— is this RACIST or NOT RACIST, and what ensued was a firestorm of calls, stories, and points of view.  Call 1-888-635-1112 and press #2 to add your thoughts to the mix.

Also, Ayana Contreras shares her conversation with Prince Talent a Chicago teen who remixed tracks from Marvin Gaye’s 1972 album “What’s Going On” for the What’s Going On Now Project.

Segment B

Comic Book Day

In honor of Comic Book Day we try to understand one of our favorite superhero’s powers work-Superman.  In this conversation you’ll learn about the Unified Theory of Superman’s Powers.  You’ll also hear from comic book fans at Graham Cracker Comic Book store.

Segment C

The Buzzkill Interview

Dazed and confused? Have a case of apathy? Try the Buzzkill Mixtape - an impassioned collection of songs critical of the current political and capitalist system, corporate greed, looming ecological destruction, rampant racism, social inequality, and all together challenging the status quo.

Here’s a conversation with Brian Buzzkill, an activist and frontman of Chicago’s politically and socially conscious hip hop / reggae / punk group Agents of Change.

Segment D

The illest MCA tribute you’ll ever hear. Including a Beastie Boys mix by Z Trip.


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05 / 05 / 12

Are you ready for tonight’s Vocalo?

Segment A: Team Vocalo is bringing you a game of Racist or Not Racist + a Marvin Gaye remix

Segment B: Ever wonder how superman got his power?

Segment C: A conversation with Brian Buzzkill, an activist and frontman of  Agents of Change.

Segment D: A tribute to Adam “MCA" Yauch.

Tune in from 8-10pm on WBEZ 91.5FM or wbez.org/player


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