02 / 15 / 13

Critic for a Minute Friday: (2.15.13 4-6 pm CST) Sweet Brown Has Time for Vocalo

Man About Town: Terrence Chappell is the nightlife and society columnist for Chicago Pride. The resident “man about town” tells us about a secret underground party that he’ll be attending this weekend.

Newborn Photos for a 13-year-old: Professional photographer Kelli Higgins is a proud new parent of an adopted son. We talk about her newborn’s photos. Did we mention that he was 13?

 Sweet Brown:What was just supposed to be a retelling of an escape from an apartment building fire has led to not just internet fame, but endorsements and roles in movies. The one and only Sweet Brown joins us on air. 

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02 / 13 / 13
Sweet Brown Has Time For Vocalo Shantell


“Lawd all I was doing was telling them about a fire!” -Sweet Brown

By now you’ve seen the hilarious account of how Oklahoma resident Sweet Brown escaped an apartment building fire. Since going viral last year, Sweet Brown has not just become an internet sensation, but has appeared on various television outlets and celebrity endorsements. Hear Shantell’s entertaining conversation with Sweet Brown.

Source: SoundCloud / vocalo

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