09 / 05 / 14
Critic For a Day: AMp hosts and "Reel-Critic" Reggie Ponder tackle some issues of race


The Morning AMp’s Molly Adams and Luis Antonio Perez, with the help of “The Reel Critic,” Reggie Ponder tackle some issues of race including: interracial relationships and the recent study by the Public Religion Research Institute that broke down the percentage of people that have friends of other races.

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08 / 27 / 14
The Council of Feminist Thought breaks down The Emmy Awards and race in television


The Council of Feminist Thought with special guests Cassandra Gaddo, Audra Wilson, and Ricardo Gamboa joined The Morning AMp’s Brian Babylon and Molly Adams and discussed The Emmy Awards and how diversity in television has grown immensly in the last several years due to creators like Shonda Rhimes who have cemented the idea of creating hit shows with diverse casts.

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08 / 08 / 14
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Derrick Clifton is an editorial fellow in the Identities section of Mic and a Master’s candidate at the Medill School of the Journalism at Northwestern University. He joins Jesse Menendez of the MusicVox to discuss his recent article “Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’ in the Fiercest Take on Female Sexuality of the Year”.

The MusicVox airs weekdays 4-6 PM on 90.7 FM (CHI) / 89.5 (NWI) /www.vocalo.org

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07 / 17 / 14
Coya Paz weighs in on Race in Entertainment


The entertainment industry is updating some characters by changing their race. Today Morning AMp host Brian Babylon is joined by Sonya Jackson and Dr. Coya Paz to discuss race in entertainment. Will this lead to a more racially sensitive society?

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07 / 11 / 14
The Debanked and the Destructive


Jesse Menendez of the MusicVox sits down with weekly contributor Shantell Jamison of Chicago’s Black Youth Project to discuss two thought provoking articles. The first focuses on the staggering number of debanked and unbanked citizens living in Chicago while the other’s shocking headline sparks a discussion of racism in politics and journalism.

The MusicVox airs weekdays 4-6 PM on 90.7 FM (CHI) / 89.5 (NWI) / www.vocalo.org

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06 / 09 / 14
Practically Speaking 53: Real Talk About Race


On this episode of Practically Speaking, host Audra Wilson talks with four guests about race, diversity, and identity. She spoke with: 
-Elisabeth Lindsay-Ryan, Part time faculty at Depaul University’s School for New Learning
-Sunny Nakae, Director of Diversity at Northwestern’s School of Medicine 
-Yan Searcy, Interim Associate Dean of College of Arts and Sciences at Chicago State University
-David DuBois, Professor in the Division of Community Health Sciences at the University of Illinois at Chicago

Plus, four young men of different backgrounds sat down with Alex Thibodeau to talk about Race in Chicago. They pull no punches as they talk about invisible dividing lines, words that are “forbidden fruit”, and more.

Tune in for fresh installments of Practically Speaking on Fridays at 11am on www.vocalo.org | 90.7fm (CHI) | 89.5 (NWI)

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06 / 02 / 14
Catching Up with Steppenwolf's "Genius" Tarell Alvin McCraney


Tarell Alvin McCraney is currently a Steppenwolf Ensemble member and recipient of the 2013 MacArthur Fellowship “Genuis Grant”. He joined the AMp’s Brian Babylon and Molly Adams by phone since he is in town as a keynote speaker for the Arts Alliance Illinois Benefit Luncheon. He discussed what it’s like winning that grant, the racial divide in the creative arts world, and more. Take a listen!

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05 / 30 / 14
Barber Shop Show 166: The New Black


Recently, music producer and singer Pharrell appeared on “Oprah’s Life Lessons”.  One statement Pharrell made during the interview drew a lot of attention. He stated:
"The ‘new black’ doesn’t blame other races for our issues, The ‘new black’ dreams and realizes that it’s not pigmentation, it’s a mentality; and it’s either going to work for you, or it’s going to work against you. And you’ve got to pick the side you’re going to be on."

On this show we were joined by:
• Freelance journalist Lenox Magee, who wrote an editorial for RedEye about Pharrell’s comments
• Quaraysh Ali Lansana, Author and Associate Professor of English and Creative Writing at Chicago State University, and
• avery r. young; poet, singer, and visual artist

We also talked about the lasting legacy of Dr. Maya Angelou, and our host, Richard Steele shared excerpts from his interview with her.

The Barber Shop Show airs on Fridays and Saturdays at Noon on 90.7FM and 89.5FM. We also air a rebroadcast on Sundays at 3pm on WBEZ 91.5fm.

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04 / 30 / 14
Jamie Masada Covers it All on the AMp


When Stephen Colbert was announced as Dave Letterman’s replacement on CBS’s late night talk show offering, even fans of the show felt that it was time for networks to think outside the box for a host. Jamie Masada, owner of The Laugh Factory, shared his thoughts with hosts Molly Adams and Brian Babylon about diversity on the networks, from gender to race to education to region.

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04 / 23 / 14
Renaissance Woman Esther Armah Joins the Morning AMp to Talk Saviour? and More


We were joined by the fabulous Esther Armah, journalist, talk show host, and playwright to talk about her most recent work ‘Saviour?’, a play about race, privilege, and entitlement. It is showing at the Eta Creative Art Foundation right now. We also talked about representation of women of color in the media.

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03 / 26 / 14
Practically Speaking Episode 47: Is Feminism A Dirty Word?


On this installment of Practically Speaking, host Audra Wilson explores what feminism means to different groups. She is joined by Soheila Azadi, a graduate assistant at UIC, a native of Iran, and an artist who speaks to the role feminism plays in her life and culture. She is also joined by Shelly Conner, an instructor at UIC who teaches a course on women in literature. In addition, Vocalo contributor Ryan Bedell conducts interviews and examines pop culture to see where people stand on feminism.

Tune in Friday at 11am on www.vocalo.org | 89.5 (NWI) | 90.7 (CHI).

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03 / 06 / 14
Practically Speaking 45: Cultural Appreciation or Appropriation?


On this installment of Practically Speaking, host Audra Wilson was joined by Andrew Johnson, Executive Director of the American Indian Center (a Cherokee). She was also joined by one of the founders of the Center, Susan Power (a Lakota). They break down the tendency to misappropriate what it means to be Native American, and explore the diversity and histories within Native American cultures.

(image of Sioux chief High Horse, Rosebud Sioux Reservation circa 1900)

Then, contributor Alex Thibodeau explores the motivations of non-Blacks who have dedicated their academic studies to Black culture.
Tune in for fresh installments of Practically Speaking on Fridays at 11am and Saturdays at 11am(CST) on www.vocalo.org | 90.7fm (Chi) | 89.5 (NWI)

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03 / 04 / 14
Practically Speaking 43: The Fight to Love


On this installment of Practically Speaking, host Audra Wilson explores the groundbreaking case of Loving vs. State of Virginia. It’s the 1967 case that made it legal for Richard and Mildred Loving (and interracial couples throughout the United States) to marry.

Then, we revisit Alex Thibodeau’s story of finding identity while growing up biracial in Detroit. His father was absent, and growing up, he tried to figure out what it meant to “be black.”

We also hear audio captured by Audra from her trip to New Mexico. She talks to Chris and Bird, two people who are learning that sometimes our differences can make our relationships stronger.

Practically Speaking airs fresh episodes Fridays and Saturdays at 11am CST on vocalo.org, and over the air at 89.5fm and 90.7fm in Chicago. Visit vocalo.org and press play.

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03 / 03 / 14
Oscar Buzz with Reggie Ponder


Molly Adams and Brian Babylon chime in with movie critic Reggie Ponder to disccus last night’s biggest Hollywood event, The Oscars. They talk about how race interplays with film using the example of now Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o. Also, the three discuss the voting system and how social circles can be impactful to nominees.

Source: SoundCloud / vocalo

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