02 / 19 / 13

My Gold Mask on Live From Studio 10 - 2/20 @ 8pm CT.

My Gold Mask has been hailed for their haunting and innovative sound that brings dark and murky sentiment into the realm of pop, and has earned them the moniker of “garage-goth.” But whatever the classification, the Chicago duo pull the listener into their own world of echoing vocals that hover over dark eerie soundscapes, punctuated by pulsating percussive beats. 

The band will join us on Live From Studio 10 to celebrate the release of their new album “Leave Me Midnight” with live performance and interview. Tune in Wednesday, 2/20 at 8 PM CT on http://www.vocalo.org / 89.5 FM (NWI) / 90.7 FM (CHI)

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02 / 18 / 13
Nick Waterhouse and his love of 45's


Though not part of retro soul music, Nick Weterhouse’s songs definitely exude soul, blues, honesty and character. Nick spoke with Jesse Menendez on the line about how he came to become a singer / songwriter, and geeked out on vinyl 45’s.

The MusicVox airs M-F 6-8pm CT on Vocalo.org / 89.5 FM (NWI) / 90.7 (CHI)

Source: SoundCloud / Vocalo's Music Vox

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02 / 11 / 13
Vocalo on WBEZ Ep. 52 - Portrayal of Muslims in Western Media, Los Crudos Pt. 2, J Dilla Tribute


In this episode: Shows like ‘Homeland’ and ‘24’, or movies like ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ might make us think “this must be how it really goes down” - but how do you separate truth from fiction in media? Aymen Abdel Halim, the Communications Coordinator at CAIR-Chicago, and Media and Islam professor at DePaul says the state of media portrayals of Muslims has worsened in recent years. He talks terrorism, religion and Abu Nazir with hosts Molly Adams and Brian Babylon.

Vocalo contributor Alex Rojas continues his documentary on Pilsen-based hardcore punk band Los Crudos (1991 to 1998). Being all Latinos, they paved the way for later Spanish-speaking punk bands and helped to increase the presence of Latinos in the predominantly white punk subculture. The second part of the series focuses on the band’s influence abroad.

J Dilla (Feb. 7, 1974 – Feb. 10, 2006) was a hip hop artist, producer and pioneer who’s life and career was tragically cut short by Lupus. We pay a tribute to the great artist with a special all-Dilla DJ set from Vocalo DJ collective member Joc Max.

Source: SoundCloud / vocalo

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09 / 19 / 12

Vocalo shout out by @NPRmusic

Check out our music pick on NPR music alongside some of the best music stations in public radio.

Mig Mora, Scheme & Chandler London

Mig Mora.

Mig Mora.

Currently in rotation on: Vocalo 89.5 FM in Chicago

"Kingdom," featuring Mig Mora, Scheme and Chandler London, is the standout tune on the City of Win Vol. 1mixtape. It touches on the city’s political landscape, as well as years of empty promises, and paints a compelling picture of the problems most residents face, especially if they live in what’s considered the “inner city.” The compilation takes a gritty snapshot of what’s going on in Chicago’s vibrant hip-hop scene at the moment. The entire 20-song project is produced by Stefan Clark (co-founder of City of Win), and very nicely done. — Jesse De La Pena, Vocalo music curator

Download “Kingdom” (right-click and “Save Link As” nprmusic:

Download 5 songs that public radio can’t stop playing, including Evan Bourgeois Lasry, Dwight Yoakam, Eric Bibb and more, courtesy of WUVM, WDET, North Country Public Radio, Vocalo.org and KXLL.

Source: nprmusic

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