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09 / 27 / 13
Obit Of The Week: Birdie Africa and the MOVE Fire's Legacy


Historian and Proprietor of Obit of the Day  Josh Eisenberg joined the AMp’s Molly Adams and guest co-host Alison Cuddy this week as he talked about this week’s notable deaths. One being a survivor of the MOVE bombing in Philadelphia and a kick-ass centarian environmentalist. Birdie Africa, 41, currently known as Michael Ward, passed away last week while on a cruise ship. He was celebrating his father’s 30th wedding anniversary. Ward was one of the two MOVE child survivors of the May 1985 police eviction bombing which claimed the lives of 11 people, 5 of them children. Josh shared more compelling details as he commemorated the life of Michael Ward, MOVE, and horrific events on that fateful day which haunted the city of Philadelphia for decades.

Source: SoundCloud / vocalo

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02 / 19 / 13
Looking at Philadelphia as Preview for Future of CPS School Closings


As Chicago Public Schools decides which schools they’ll be closing before the start of the next school year, WBEZ Reporter Becky Vevea traveled to Philadelphia to look at how a school building’s life plays out when it is no longer filled with children.

We look around and there’s this community here that just stares at an empty school building. I worry about the message that sends to the kids that go to school right across the street. I think it makes kids feel as if their prospects are limited.

- Lee Marcus, Senior at the University of Pennsylvania, and student mentor.

Source: SoundCloud / vocalo

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