10 / 08 / 13
What it Will Take to be Held 'Crucially Accountable'


How do we hold others accountable when expectations are not met? Either we perpetuate the problem by saying nothing, or create a new problem by speaking up. The AMp hosts Brian Babylon and Molly Adams were joined by Al Switzler of corporate consulting firm VitalSmarts via phone to talk about their new book that offers some paths of least resistance to making sure work gets done. We also provided a link containing tips to asking for a raise in case anyone needs it!

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02 / 26 / 13
Don't Be a Jerk! Donations Made Easy by a Chicago Startup


Don’t throw away your old stuff like a jerk, says Molly- donate using Zealous Good!

Treated yourself to a new computer and the old one still works? Need to rid yourself of the grad school study books you never used? Brittany Martin Graunke is the Founder & CEO of Zealous Good, a Chicago startup that connects donor’s items with a nonprofit or charity in need. Brittany tells Molly and Brian how you can use her service to get your old stuff in the hands of people who need it!

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01 / 30 / 13


After talking about the life and shooting death of 15 year-old Hadiya Pendleton today, and Chicago’s culture of youth violence, we got this message from Jacqui Shine:

Every day I work in public and charter high schools across Chicago and see firsthand what a criminalized childhood looks like: metal detectors at entrances that signal distrust of students, police satellite offices, uniformed officers with weapons. (Charter schools, interestingly, don’t seem to have a POLICE presence, just security. Not sure why.) Public schools in Chicago are crawling with cops: with over 1500 security staff and 150+ uniformed police officers in the Chicago Public Schools who arrest over 25 students a day, CPS have become crime scenes that especially target children and adolescents of color. Are we criminalizing childhood? Why? You might talk to Mariame Kaba and Frank Edwards, who authored a 2012 report for Project NIA, “Policing Chicago Public Schools.”

And we say, thanks for the tip, Jacqui!  For real, this is always part of Vocalo’s editorial procedure: you telling us what to do. We’ll reach out to Ms. Kaba.

And PS: Hadiya’s murder is getting the attention that we wish all homicide cases of young people would get. RIP, bright baby.

Source: morningamp

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