04 / 19 / 13
Loyola Students Use the Hijab to Start Conversation
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From being oppressed to not fully integrating in American culture to hating men, there are many misconceptions about women wearing the hijab according to Saadia Gaziuddin, a junior at Loyola University Chicago and member of Loyola’s Muslim Student Association (MSA). But students at Loyola’s MSA set out to help others understand the hijab, as well as reflect on their own hijabi identities, through two events: “Walk a Mile in Her Hijab” and the “Hijabi Monologues”.

Vocalo Overdrive intern Karis Hustad talks with Gaziuddin and other students who participated in the events to find out what they learned and what the hijab means to young Muslim women today.

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02 / 28 / 13
Tasers on Campus? Loyola is Considering It.


Loyola campus safety officers described a case earlier this year where multiple officers had to physically restrain a student, they say it would have all been over more quickly if they’d been able to use a taser. Students are worried about regulation and training.

Campus Security at Loyola University are considering arming their Rogers Park officers with tasers. Intern Erica DeAngelis looks at the safety concerns surrounding tasers on college campuses and reports on the policies the school will institute to regulate their use.

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02 / 12 / 13
Graduate Justice: The Rising Decline of the Law School System


We encourage people to think really carefully before enrolling in law school because of the time, financial commitment and difficult job market - but even with that caution,  our students are really enthusiastic about becoming lawyers, and we remain optimistic that things are going to improve.

- David Yellen, Dean of the Loyola University Chicago Law School 

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