05 / 28 / 13
Practically Speaking 13: Building Blocks and Building Community
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In this installment of Practically Speaking, we talk to Norman Bolden, a fixture in Chicago’s Bronzeville community. Norman talks about how (and why) he has built a destination of businesses and venues among a strip of vacant lots in his neighborhood.

Norman talks about the evolution of his neighborhood (the neighborhood he grew up in). He also talks about his road to entrepreneurship, the deal he made with himself, and why he chose to stay.

Plus, we revisit an interview with Martin Woods, an African-American opera singer.

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02 / 25 / 13


In this installment of Practically Speaking, we talk about localism and entrepreneurship in communities of color. 

First, host Audra Wilson sits down with Stephanie Hart, owner of Brown Sugar Bakery in Chicago’s Chatham/Grand Crossing area. Ms. Hart talks about her struggle to build her business in an area that is underserved by banks… and why she stays.

Then Audra speaks with Emile Cambry, one of the founders of Cibola, a creative entrepreneurship incubator in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood. They are helping to build the city’s next generation of business owners and tech entrepreneurs of color.

Last, we hear about the seldom-discussed history and significance of African-American names.

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