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10 / 23 / 13
Four New York Pastors Aim to "Dethrone" Rev. Al Sharpton

Media coordinator of the Black Youth Project, Shantell Jamison, stops by the Music Vox to talk about “Speak Out, Say It Loud”, a movement started by four Pastors in Harlem, New York.

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Source: SoundCloud / vocalo

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08 / 19 / 13

@brianbabylon hanging out with @maria_la_hinojosa from @latinousa in #harlem #nyc. That’s how we roll. #goodcompany

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02 / 22 / 13
Is The New Harlem Shake Disrespectful to Harlem?


The Harlem Shake internet dance craze is a far cry from the original dance developed in Harlem in the 1980s. Is the internet meme a disrespect to Harlem residents and culture? Does it speak to a deeper issue about race relations and culture clash in America? As Shantell says: ” I can definitely understand how residents can take offense. It goes way back to the long history of whites profiting off blacks.”

Source: SoundCloud / vocalo

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