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02 / 20 / 13
Lena Dunham's Romper


Host Brian Babylon Instagrammed this photo of Lena Dunham from a recent episode of Girls with the caption: “HBO’s GIRLS will kill you #beware”. (Brian is not a Lena Dunham fan).

Founding member of the Council of Feminist Thought, Nona Willis Aronowitz texted Molly for “Brian Watch 2013”, hoping she’d take him to task for hating on Lena Dunham’s romper-clad behind. Does she know exactly what she’s doing? She’s said she’s sporting a wedgie on purpose. The jury is out on Lena Dunham in general, but while guests Audra Wilson and Veronica Arreola agree that it’s thumbs down on rompers, there’s some dispute over whether it’s ok to criticize her for her appearance on the show

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11 / 09 / 12
Comedian Robert Klein Interview

The “Jedi master of comedy” joined Molly and Brian in the studio to talk about getting older, earning his chops at Yale drama and lasting 47 years in the business.


“There’s a lot of old fools, too. You don’t necessarily get wiser. You certainly get achier…” -Comedic legend Robert Klein

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