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07 / 14 / 14
Spreading the Message of Anti-Violence and Peace Across Chicago
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Jessica Disu is a humanitarian rap artist, educator, youth advocate, mentor, and co-founder of The Peace Exchange: Chicago - Asia. In addition to her impressive resume, she serves on the Brain Trust for Chicago Ideas week. She joined the AMp’s Brian Babylon and Molly Adams as she shared her perspective on this year’s violent 4th of July weekend, her vision in creating the the Peace Exchange program, and her program’s urban planning heal the neighborhoods of Chicago.

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02 / 19 / 14
Council of Feminist Thought: Michael Dunn Verdict


It was an all-star gathering on this week’s Council of Feminist Thought. Veronica Arreola of Viva La Feminista, Cassandra Gaddo of the Step Up Women’s Network, and Jamie Nesbitt Golden of Hood Feminism all joined AMp hosts Molly Adams and Brian Babylon. We spent a bunch of our time discussing the verdict in the trial of Michael Dunn for the murder of Jordan Davis. We also talked about #DangerousBlackKids and the way gun violence has become an increasingly normalized reaction to fear.

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01 / 07 / 14
Chicago's Ban On Retail Gun Shops Deemed Unconsitutional


On Monday, U.S. District Judge Edmond Chang ruled that it is unconstitutional for Chicago to prohibit licensed gun stores from operating in the city and also found that the city failed to prove that the sale of guns by licensed dealers would be an important factor to minimize the number of gun violence. This also means that it will be legal for people to transfer ownership of a gun as a gift or private sale as long as the buyer or recipient was over the age of 18 and owned a FOID card. This morning the AMp’s Molly Adams was joined by guest co-host Ricardo Gamboa to discuss this new ordinance, its effectiveness and what it will take to deter the amount of gun violence in Chicago.

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10 / 24 / 13
WBEZ Rob Wildeboer: The Real Effectiveness of Mandatory Minimums and the Call for More Police


How do you solve a problem like Chicago’s gun violence? The mayor is proposing mandatory minimum prison sentences for illegal possession as a deterrent, but research groups say we should consider more police officers in the streets. WBEZ reporter Rob Wildeboer joined the AMp’s Brian Babylon and Molly Adams as he helped explore these interpretations of data and answered questions from the hosts and listeners.

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05 / 30 / 13


On Friday’s Barber Shop Show, we update two stories from the current issue of The Chicago Reporter.  The stories highlight how gun legislation is impacting communities. The Reporter’s own Angela Caputo tackles one facet of this issue: she spoke with Pamela Bosley, a community member fighting for stricter gun laws in Illinois. Reporter James Reddick wrote about the other side of this: he spoke with Colleen Lawson, who is fighting for the right of law-abiding citizens in Chicago to carry guns. 

Both Colleen and Pamela will join us at the shop to talk law, order, and solutions to end violence. We’ll also be joined by Angela Caputo and Youth Organizer Lamar Johnson. 

The Barber Shop Show is hosted by WBEZ’s Richard Steele. It airs live from Carter’s Barber Shop in Chicago’s North Lawndale neighborhood on Fridays at Noon (CST) with a rebroadcast Saturdays at Noon. 89.5fm (NWI/CHI) and 90.7fm (CHI).

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04 / 03 / 13


really compelling video from our partners at The Chicago Reporter:

In 2009, 14-year-old Ondelee Perteet was shot in the jaw at a birthday party on Chicago’s West Side. The bullet severed his spine, paralyzing him from the neck down. His doctors told him that he would never walk again, but three years later, he is walking with the help of crutches.

For the full story,

Produced by Carlos Javier Ortiz
in collaboration with Jonathan Gibby

Photographs by Carlos Javier Ortiz

Music by Chris Zabriskie

Additional reporting by James Reddick

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02 / 20 / 13
Women and Guns


“There’s a difference between being anti-gun and pro-gun control.” - Morning AMp listener, Gina, on the significance of using guns for self-protection.

The reasons people own guns can vary as much as the opinions over what to do about gun violence. We hear a clip from WBEZ’s “Our Gun” series that looks at women who own guns for protection. Hosts Molly Adams and Brian Babylon also hear from two listeners who share their thoughts on the gun control debate.

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02 / 07 / 13
Getting to Know 'Our Guns' in Effingham, IL.


Fact 1: It’s hard to find people in Effingham, IL that don’t own guns. 
Fact 2: There aren’t problems with gun violence in the 12,000 person town.

WBEZ’s Rob Wildeboer joins Molly and Brian in the studio to reports on the first of a series called ‘Our Guns’. His findings suggest that when it comes to common sense regulations like reporting lost and stolen guns, the urban/rural divide might not be very wide.

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02 / 05 / 13
01 / 18 / 13

Gun Control Task Force, Alex Jones, Video Games, and Gun Violence


Luis and Shantell go toe-to-toe over whether video games have an effect on violent behavior. They also listen to a clip of Alex Jones’ explosive outburst on “Piers Morgan Tonight.”

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04 / 05 / 12

Gun Violence in North Lawndale. The kind where police pull the trigger.


Gun Violence in North Lawndale. The kind where police pull the trigger.

Antonio Cross in front of the house of the police officer who shot him. (Photo by Todd Diederich)

Sneak peak of what’s happening tomorrow @ the shop (4.6.12 @ 12pm on 89.5 or

We’ll be joined by concerned Lawndale residents who claim that the day before the fatal shooting of Rekia Boyd, the officer told a crowd of his neighbors “What do I have to do around here to get some peace, quiet and respect? Shoot someone?” 

Later that same week, police officers shot and killed Eric “Ricky” Bradley.  According to police, they responded to a call of a ‘theft in progress’ at 1500 block of South Kostner. There they found Bradley with a bag of stolen items. During a ‘protective pat down,’ Bradley allegedly reached for a gun, at which point the officers shot and killed him.

We will also hear from Larry Kimbrough, a neighbor and family friend of Ricky Bradley. Larry contends that police officers killed Ricky in retaliation for stealing a police detective’s laptop days earlier, then planted a gun on him.

Larry maintains that Ricky wasn’t the kind of man to carry around a gun. According to Larry “If he had a gun, five minutes later he would sell it for some money to go do what he liked to do.”  Larry says he has physical evidence that contradicts what police are saying about Ricky Bradley’s death.  Click here for the rest of the show teaser.

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