07 / 10 / 14
Truck Drivers taking down Prius drivers by "Rolling Coal"


Anti-environmentalists who are diesel truck owners are now resorting to Rolling Coal as a political protest. Rolling Coal is when these truck drivers intentionally blow excessive amounts of diesel exhausts in the air. These anti-environmentalist use coal rolling as “Prius Repellent”.  Morning AMp’s Molly Adams and Luis Antonio Perez give there take on the latest fad that is being used as “Prius Repellent”.

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06 / 03 / 14
What the Kids Say: Monica Eng on CPS Food Waste
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WBEZ reporter Monica Eng joined the AMp hosts Brian Babylon and Molly Adams as she updated us on what Chicago Public Schools are doing to reduce food waste. Warning: Lots of cute kid voices ahead.

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05 / 27 / 14
Practically Speaking 51: Seeking Better Health in Urban Communities
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In this installment of Practically Speaking, host Audra Wilson looks at the various facets of our surroundings that contribute to good (or poor) health, from environment to nutrition and access to health care.

She is joined by Michael Howard of Eden’s Place and Claudia Ayala of the Little Village Environmental Justice Organization. Later, she speaks with Dr. Doriane Miller, ‎Director pf the Center for Community Health and Vitality at the University of Chicago School of Medicine.
Dr. Miller talks about Black Chicagoans, and their historical connections to the land. Those connections are being lost in the generations following the Great Migration.

Tune in for fresh installments of Practically Speaking on Fridays at 11am on www.vocalo.org | 90.7fm (CHI) | 89.5 (NWI)

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11 / 14 / 13


On tomorrow’s installment of Practically Speaking, we talk about community building through Bike Riding and Ecology. Alex Thibodeau brings us a profile of Red Bike & Green, a group that tries to build community and family for bike riders of African descent. We also talk to Marcus Lumpkin, an avid bike rider. He helps us navigate safe bike riding in the city. Lastly, we hear from Kellen Marshall, a Chicago born and bred Ecologist, about people of color in Ecology.

Tune in Friday at 11am on http://vocalo.org/player | 90.7 (CHI) | 89.5 (INDY). We’ll rebroadcast Saturday at 11am, too….

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08 / 16 / 13
Trapdoor Social spread catchy pop tunes and environmental awareness


Environmentally conscious LA-based band Trapdoor Social create music inspired by the challenge of the changing climate. Though they care about the climate, the music isn’t about preaching, but it is about raising the awareness and rocking out to some damn catchy pop rock tunes! Jesse Menendez spoke with Skylar of Trapdoor Social on The MusicVox.

The MusicVox airs weekdays 4-6 PM on 90.7 FM (CHI) / 89.5 (NWI) /www.vocalo.org

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08 / 05 / 13
Practically Speaking 21: Health Disparities Among Minorities


For this installment of Practically Speaking, Host Audra Wilson digs into the topic of Health Disparities. It’s no secret that communities of color face unique obstacles when trying to stay healthy. Audra speaks with Michael Howard of Eden’s Place and Claudia Ayala of the Little Village Environmental Justice League.

Both Michael and Claudia work to create healthy environments in their communities. Little Village was home to a coal plant believed to be responsible for the high number of respiratory illnesses in the community’s residents. Fuller Park had the highest levels of lead in the entire city. The two discuss their work.

Then, Audra speaks with Dr. Adam B. Murphy, Instructor of Urology at Northwestern University. He talks about medical conditions and disparities that particularly affect people of color as well as ways to prevent illness and Sandra Jamison shares her personal story of dealing with and overcoming breast cancer without health insurance.

Tune in to Vocalo on 89.5fm, 90.7fm or online at vocalo.org Fridays at 11am for all new installments of Practically Speaking.

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02 / 18 / 13
Game On: Probing the Pipeline Extension Protests


A weekend protest against the Keystone Pipeline expansion leads to mixed feelings about cheap fuel, environmental hazards, indigenous rights, and oil independence on the AMp.

Which is worse or more dangerous?  Yes, when you’re dealing with oil there is always going to be an environmental hazard but is it less hazardous to have a spill on land or is it less hazardous to have tankers filling up on the coast and jetting around and potentially leak there which could ruin a whole ecosystem?

- Ryan from Westville, Vocalo Listener & Caller.

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