The #hatersball is right around the corner.

The party starts at 6 p.m. with a Haters Mingle, featuring sets by Jesse De La Peña (host and producer of Vocalo’s Friday Night DJ Series) and Shazam Bangles, craft cocktails by Johnny Costello of the Berkshire Room and food by Chop Shop restaurant and butcher shop. 

At 10 p.m., The K.I.D. featuring JC Brooks performs Love from Chicago and DJ Ayana Contreras (host and producer of Vocalo’s Reclaimed Soul) spins more tunes. 

The Lovers After-Party – a Vocalo DJ Collective dance party – gets underway at midnight.

For $50.00 tickets to the entire evening, The Vocalo All Night Pass, go here.  
If you’ve ever given to any of Vocalo’s pledge drives, you are a #teamvocalo member and get a $10 discount!


If you only want to attend JC Brooks Set/After-party,  go here for $25.00 tickets ($20 if you are #teamvocalo)

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