Marty Hess probes into Sony's New Chapter after announcement of PS4


Well that’s the big gamble, you always want to control the living room space and everything that’s going through it. They are doing a lot to make this a system that people want to play with and want to use beyond video games. This presentation really focused on the games[…] there are also going to be a lot of social features that you can use including on the new dual shock 4 controller which will replace all the Playstation 3 controllers, there is a share button you can press and you can press that and you can share out any game playing that you’re doing, and post those clips directly to Facebook, OR you can stream them out through u stream and people can watch you play live.” - Marty Hess from

Last Wednesday, Sony unveiled the PlayStation 4, during a two-hour event held in NYC and live streamed to more than 7.5 million viewers. Marty Hess of called the Morning AMp and told hosts Brian Babylon and Molly Adams exactly how excited he is to play on it and what games are being developed.

Source: SoundCloud / vocalo

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