Peace Prize Thursday Rundown, 2-21-13, 8 to 10am CST


Influential comedy producer Mike Oquendo takes care of his community. “Stand Up for Schools” is his series of shows that help schools and education driven non-profits raise money in a unique way. Comedians Joey Villagomez and Mo Na will join us too.

Emma Harris is a 90-year-old grandmother who has been battling the foreclosure of her apartment complex for almost 4 years. Matt Linas works with the Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign and he followed Ms. Harris last fall as part of our Vocalo Storytellers workshop. He joins us in studio along with Kelli Dudley, a lawyer who specializes in foreclosures.

And Coya Paz is sick today, but we have plenty of Peace Prize talk: slapping babies, mass deportations, and Mississippi’s bad reputation.

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Source: morningamp